2 Ways To Establish Yourself As A Leader

Great leaders are the driving force behind a company’s success. Leaders can be vastly different depending on their career field, experience and personality. However, most leaders have something in common that helped them get into a management position; a strong personal brand. Creating and maintaining a personal brand doesn’t have to mean changing who you are as a person, but rather, focusing on small elements that can have a big impact on your professional life.

Know Your Elevator Pitch

Whether you’re interviewing or networking with colleagues, a commonly asked question in the business world is “tell me about yourself.” While this may seem like a relatively straightforward question, if you haven’t practised your answer, it’s very easy to turn off a potential opportunity with a long, drawn out response. A great elevator pitch should answer 5 questions: 

  1. Who are you?
  2. What do you do?
  3. What makes you the best?
  4. What are your goals?
  5. Why should they care? 

A key factor in nailing your elevator pitch is to be confident in your delivery. If you’re uncomfortable talking about yourself, first write it down and practice reading it aloud. Once you’re used to reading it on paper, ask a friend to help you practice. 


Seek out Constructive Criticism

While most people shy away from criticism, a great leader should be able to take it gracefully and seek it out from both coworkers and supervisors. It can be easy to get into a rut if you’re only ever praised for your accomplishments. Criticism should not be viewed as a personal attack, but rather a means to self-improvement. When you receive positive feedback for something you do, don’t be afraid to ask if there are any suggestions for what you could have done better. Leaders are susceptible to both positive and negative feedback from their colleagues, and the sooner you can become accustomed to criticism, the easier it will be to grow from it.

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