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Welcome to Novi

Formerly Forward Ladies, the inspiration behind our new name "Novi" comes from the Ewe words "Novi" for "sister" and "family."
Additionally, "Novi" is a girl's name in the Netherlands, meaning "new," reflecting our commitment to ushering in a new era of community, collaboration, and connectivity.
While our name has changed, our mission remains steadfast: to create a space where women thrive.
"When you get these jobs that you have been so brilliantly trained for, just remember that your real job is that if you are free, you need to free somebody else. If you have some power, then your job is to empower somebody else."
Toni Morrison

What is Novi all about?

Toni Morrison’s quote perfectly encapsulates our mission at Novi. We are a global community of women working in partnership with leaders and progressive organisations to close the gender gap in business.

We are a 100% female-owned and run business.

Our Membership

Our work is supported by our members, who subscribe to our membership platform, which enables them to access resources to transform their careers and businesses. Our mission is to help women thrive and succeed in their professional and personal lives.

Every year, we celebrate and recognise inspirational female leaders and male agents of change through our awards program. We believe in investing in women and are committed to developing female leaders through our industry-specific leadership development programmes.

Leadership Academy

Drawing from Novi’s extensive experience of providing high quality, impactful training and development programmes for high-achieving women in business, the Inspired Leadership Programme is an exciting new leadership development programme exclusively tailored to corporate members’ needs. 

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A Research Driven Approach

Data and research have been embedded in Novi’s DNA. Our approach is evidence-based and grounded in data-driven research. Our commitment to research through gendered lens helps us to continue to amplify women’s voices, enabling us to keep our finger on the pulse of the challenges facing women at work. This insight informs our consultancy and training programmes and enables us to continue creating programmes and interventions that support women’s growth and development in today’s workplace. Our research explores business and leadership issues through a gender lens and covers everything that impacts women’s attraction and progression into critical sectors, business growth and leadership positions. Access the Closing the Gender Gap in STEM Report – 2017, 2018 and kid report.

Our values

Our core values influence everything we do.

We are Our Relationships

At Novi, it's never just a job. We value relationships over transactions. We have invested in our platform to help our members connect and build meaningful, trust-based relationships. We are truly unstoppable together.

We are Growth Minded

Talent is not fixed; it can be developed. We invest in our members to help them achieve their best potential and provide opportunities for them to learn and develop themselves, as we believe that learning is a lifelong journey.

We are All Equal

We believe in equal opportunities. Everyone deserves a chance. We are passionate about levelling the playing field for women to achieve their fullest potential at work. Our work can improve the world by providing equal opportunities to all people.

We are Purpose-driven

We care about people, profits, and our impact on the planet. Giving back to our communities and paying it forward to the next generation is part of our DNA. This is why we have scholarships to support the next generation of female leaders and work with our charity partners, for whom we raise funds through our events.

Griselda Togobo

As a successful entrepreneur, engineer, chartered accountant, and mother who has navigated the challenges of the corporate world, Griselda Togobo is uniquely positioned to champion women at work. With over a decade of experience in building communities and supporting women, Griselda is a leading voice in the movement to create more inclusive and purpose-driven workplaces where all women can thrive.

As part of our commitment to advancing women's empowerment globally, we donate 10% of membership revenues to fund girls' education through our Advancing Futures Foundation in Ghana.
Advancing Futures Foundation

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