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We believe in the transformative power of women supporting women. We provide a vibrant community and essential resources to help you reach new heights in your career and life.

Transform your personal and professional life with an incredible sisterhood of genuine, authentic, powerful women.

Connect with a diverse network of accomplished women

Emma Wright

Partner, Harbottle & Lewis

“Being nominated and winning the Novi award was such ahugely positive experience for me – Griselda has built a wonderful network of accomplished women  and I have found it such an honour to be able to join that network and when the battle cry came to support the investHER movement they didn’t hesitate.”

Jessica Okoro

Global Program Manager | TEDx Speaker | Board Member

“Being in this community has given me the confidence to go back into corporate work. I quit my job nearly a year ago, feeling very overwhelmed and not feeling comfortable working in a corporate environment. The resources made me realise that what I was missing was some guidance on how to overcome everyday sceneries which can be quite daunting on the onset. I wish I had embarked on this course whilst I was working, it would have helped me massively, I probably wouldn’t have quit my job. What was very enjoyable was getting to know a group of women who are in similar situations or have an array of case studies to share. It made me realise I wasn’t alone with some of my challenges. Thank you very much to Griselda and her dedicated team!”

Christina Lawford

Founder & CEO, Diamond Air

“I cannot tell you how much confidence and inspiration the Novi community (formerly Forward Ladies) has given me to continue building Diamond Air into an incredible business. All the challenges and set backs I have faced suddenly seem worth it all!


What sets us apart?

A combination of open and tightly curated membership to foster meaningful authentic connections.
Hybrid of online and in-person events to fit your schedule.
Focus on holistic professional and personal development.
Exclusive perks and discounts from partner organisations.
Dedicated concierge to help you make the most of your membership.

Why join Novi?

Connect with a diverse network of accomplished women leaders. 
Access expert-led workshops and training to sharpen your skills 
Receive personalised mentorship and coaching to accelerate your growth. 
Amplify your voice and expand your influence. 
Give back through member-led initiatives and philanthropic efforts. 
Celebrate wins and build lifelong friendships in a supportive sisterhood. 

What's included?


Novi is a private community where women can connect and upskill whilst elevating each other’s voices and amplifying their impact.

Advisory & Coaching

Executive coaching: Offering personalized coaching sessions to help members develop their leadership skills and achieve their professional goals.


In person and on-demand expert-led masterclasses and Q&As (Fireside Chats): Offering educational sessions and discussions led by industry experts, providing valuable insights and learning opportunities for members.

Exclusive Networking

Curated networking events: Providing opportunities for members to connect virtually and in person, fostering meaningful professional relationships and collaborations.


Opportunities for personal and business brand-building to enhance your profile.

Exclusive Women's Leadership Community

Ready to join?

Virtual Connect

Perfect for professionals
looking to expand their network and skills.

£19 per month
Includes member directory, online forums, monthly virtual events, partner discounts.
Profile Creation
Status Post/Ask Community
Member Directory & Search
Direct Messaging & Chat
Post & Browse Jobs
Monthly Members Only
Virtual Programming
Find a Mentor/Executive Coach


Designed for professionals and business owners ready to take up a new challenge to step things up.

£99 per month
Includes all Virtual Connect features
Monthly peer group coaching sessions.
10% Discount
on Leadership Summit
& Awards
Monthly Group Executive Coaching
(worth £350 per hour)
Exclusive Welcome Pack
(worth £150)
Accountability Check-ins
Discounts to Members Only Retreats
Early Access to Novi Events and Experiences


Our premier membership for senior executives & entrepreneurs making an outsized impact.

£399 per month

We only accept a select number of applicants to ensure each new member has a
game-changing experience.

Includes all Virtual Connect features
Executive coaching, VIP retreats, media and speaking opportunities, private online community.
10% Discount
on Leadership Summit
& Awards
Executive Coaching
(worth £350 per hour)
Monthly Peer Advisory Sessions
facilitated by a Coach
Access to 2 x Members Only
Day Retreats
(Annual Plan only)
Access to 2 x Pre-Retreat Dinner
& Overnight Accommodation
(Annual Plan only)
Member-Hosted Event
(Annual Plan only)
Exclusive Welcome Pack
(worth £300)

We are connected.

“This boost in confidence from FL has helped me be bolder in our vision for the company, to have more faith in my instincts. In the past, I would find the goals we’re facing as a company daunting but since the awards, I believe in myself more to handle the challenges. The most beneficial part has been the confidence awards provided and the renewed appreciation I now have for my team – as well as for myself! It’s helped me see that the things I do day to day for my business are anything but mundane. I’m creating something special, not alone, but as part of a community of inspirational women all across the UK.”
Alex Depledge
Founder of Resi, Business Woman of the Year
The Novi Awards (Formerly, FL Leadership Summit & Awards)
“I cannot tell you how much confidence and inspiration FL has given me to continue building Diamond Air into an incredible business. All the challenges and setbacks I have faced suddenly seem worth it all!”
Christina Lawford
Founder & CEO, Diamond Air
"Since prioritising my networking and community focus, I've gained new skills, confidence, and some of my closest and most loyal friends. This Novi community has been a rock-solid foundation as well as a rocket fuel for my career and life."
Griselda Togobo
CEO, Novi
“The impact of FL has been huge. The awards have shone a spotlight on my career and have helped to inspire others. Importantly, the awards have enabled me to promote women’s causes and to help others to consider the possibilities. For me, I’ve taken away the importance of getting involved, of sharing my stories and to provide the visuals that are so necessary because people relate better to what they can see.”
Lara Oyesanya
"Wonderful and inspiring people. Really encouraged me to carry on with my plans and not to be afraid."
“A year on & I am still linking to new contacts through ‪Novi. What you do is so worthwhile & influential, thank you."
“As a Premium Member I've had ongoing support and guidance from a network of empowering, inspirational business women.

Novi gave me confidence and provided me with ongoing support and resources to continue my personal development. I can now work towards making a better version of myself.”
“I would never have the confidence to do all these amazing things without the ongoing support of my network."
"This is what is so incredible about the Novi network. We build each other up. There are so many people in this world who will knock us down and hope that we fail. Here is this network; it is completely opposite. We are happy and proud of each other's achievements."