Frequently Asked Questions

Sadly, we had to decommission our old site and start from scratch. So you will need to create new login details for our new site to be able to access the membership. Our membership is also now entirely private for our paid members only. You can look at the memberships we have on offer here.

We would love to learn more about a potential partnership. Please email with details.

We receive many requests from speakers and can only respond to requests that fit our planned programming and editorial calendar for the year. Please send your requests to

No. We believe networking is incredibly important for all women, regardless of their industries or the stage of their careers. That is why we offer different membership tiers tailored to their various stages of careers. 

Novi’s private community app sounds like a comprehensive platform tailored to fostering networking, personal development, and community engagement. Here’s a breakdown of its key features:

  1. Curated online networking events: Providing opportunities for members to connect virtually, fostering meaningful professional relationships and collaborations.
  2. Expert-led masterclasses and Q&As (Fireside Chats): Offering educational sessions and discussions led by industry experts, providing valuable insights and learning opportunities for members.
  3. Drop-in surgeries with the executive team: Providing a unique opportunity for members to engage directly with the leadership team, discussing individual situations and seeking guidance or support.
  4. Executive coaching: Offering personalized coaching sessions to help members develop their leadership skills and achieve their professional goals.
  5. Discounts to the annual Summits: Providing members with access to exclusive discounts for attending key events, facilitating networking and learning opportunities in person.
  6. On-demand content: Offering a repository of valuable resources and content accessible at any time, catering to members’ diverse needs and interests.
  7. Interest groups: Facilitating connections and discussions among members with shared interests or professional backgrounds, creating a sense of belonging within the community.
  8. Access to a job board with opportunities recommended by members: Providing a platform for members to explore career opportunities curated by fellow community members, enhancing networking and career development prospects.
  9. Exclusive member benefits: Offering perks such as tastecard for dining out and Cohorted for beauty boxes, adding value and enhancing the overall membership experience.

Overall, Novi’s private community app and platform seem to prioritise creating a supportive and enriching environment for professional growth and networking. The app offers a range of features designed to cater to its members’ diverse needs and interests.

We will be reopening a new, revamped, and rebranded awards at Please sign up to be notified when nominations and applications reopen.

Yes, we have a full money-back policy within 30 days of purchasing your membership to Novi. It’s really important to us that each of our members is getting tremendous value from being part of the community.

Yes! You can join whenever it is convenient for you.