5 Incredible TED Talks That Will Help You Get Through Difficult Times

Now, more than ever we are in need of positive and reassuring messages. Many of us are feeling overwhelmed and have to deal with loneliness, anxiety, self-doubt and lack of focus.

We have created a list of 5 incredibly uplifting TED Talks that will help you get through these difficult times.

1. If you need help dealing with anxiety you might benefit from this TED Talk by Olivia Remes.

2. If you are feeling unhappy then you definitely need to hear this talk by Preetha Ji.

3. If you are feeling overwhelmed, you need to learn this “10 Minutes a Day” technique by Andy Puddicombe.

4. If you are feeling stressed, you might find the key you have been looking for to unlock your feelings in this TED Talk by Tara Igoe.

5. If you are feeling negative, you can focus on the good things in your life to bring that smile back using a technique by Alison Ledgerwood.

Do you have any tactics that help you to stay focused during these difficult times? Please share with us in the comments below.

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