5 Shifts You Need To Make To Develop The Unstoppable Mindset

An unstoppable mindset makes you unstoppable. It gives you freedom, focus, energy, headspace, and the physical and mental resilience to keep going after your goals even when others quit. Unstoppable women understand that they need to put their own gas mask on first before they can support others. Developing the unstoppable mindset is your key to achieving your goals. Unstoppable women are special because they embody the unstoppable mindset. 


Mindset 1: Everyone sees a challenge or barrier as a stop sign; unstoppable women see barriers as hurdles they can jump over or crawl under. Won’t the banks lend to you? No problem. Explore other options such as crowdfunding because no one will get in your way to achieve your goals. 


Mindset 2: Everyone else sees problems, but unstoppable women see opportunities. They don’t leave societal issues for someone else to solve. They double down and figure out a way to change the world and create a positive impact. Do you spot a gap in the market for a product you desperately need to make your life easier? Unstoppable women will go ahead and create the solutions they are looking for. 


Mindset 3: Whilst everyone else is looking for short-term gratification, unstoppable women know to defer gratification until the work is completed. Unstoppable women understand that the rewards are sweetest after the work is completed. 


Mindset 4: Everyone else is waiting to feel 100% confident about an opportunity before making their move. Unstoppable women make their move because understand that feeling total confidence 100% of the time is a myth. Confidence is a muscle that needs exercising. 


Mindset 5: Unstoppable women make the best decision with the information they have and know they can course-correct as new information becomes available. Whilst everyone else allows others to manage their finances, money and investments, unstoppable women remain in control of their finances. They are not afraid to ask tough, uncomfortable questions and to take steps to protect their assets. They strive for financial literacy and feel comfortable reading their balance sheet and profit and loss statements. They take pride in their financial literacy and surround themselves with trusted advisors. They invest in their financial future. 


Are you ready to be unstoppable?

In Unstoppable Women, Griselda describes what Unstoppable women operate and exactly how you can begin making these mindset shifts too.  

“This book has inspired me tremendously and opened my eyes to myriad possibilities I would never have considered – before I read it, I thought I’d missed my chance to try launching a business from scratch, but this book has proven beyond a doubt that you can never say never, and that the only thing that is holding you back is you. I recommend it highly to anyone who has ever had the inklings of a business idea, or dared to dream – this book will be an invaluable roadmap.”– Jane Cahane, Journalist.


holding unstoppable women

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