A Historic Moment in Women’s Football (UEFA WOMEN’S EURO 2022) 

On Sunday, history was made, the Lionesses beat Germany 2-1 to secure the country’s first major football trophy in 56 years. After reflecting on the events of Sunday, we could not be prouder of our Lionesses, a tremendous tournament win, beating the giants of Europe in the final. This win is not just an inspiration to seasoned football fans but to all those young girls who might be discouraged from playing sports because it is not “feminine”. The focal point for us in this historical moment is the exceptional leadership displayed by Sarina Wiegman.  

Leadership is all about how to project purpose, inspiration, and motivation. Sarina works tirelessly to build relationships with the players, getting to know and committing heartily to them and their goals. She made sure that everyone knew their roles, their purpose within the group, how they would contribute, and what made the perfect team. At the end of the game, the scenes after show the close connection she has with all her players and her colleagues. A great relationship was built, and she demonstrated remarkable leadership skills. She models a leadership ethic we can all employ. 

This beautiful moment truly redefines what it means to be a woman and has shown that there is an appetite for the women’s game.

Here is what some of our members and LinkedIn connections had to say about the Lionesses’ win; 

Griselda Togobo, CEO of ForwardLadies.com

“The FA banned Women’s football in 1921, so a generation of girls grew up without a love of the sport. Women do not hate football; they were not given a chance to love it. I watched the Lionesses win the EURO2022 with my daughter and nieces. A new generation will grow up loving the sport and believing they could do and be anything. The confidence and winning spirit built on the pitch will do amazing things for young girls’ self-belief and resilience off the pitch. Let us keep breaking down antiquated barriers that marginalize women from contributing fully to society. That is my mission with ForwardLadies.com. When we all play, we all win.” 

Susana Lawson, the founder and CEO of OneFile & Forward Ladies Businesswoman of the Year 2017.” 

“Why are you crying, mummy??” 

“My 8yr old daughter asked me last night after the Lionesses won the Euros final. I told her I was crying because it was not just a game of football but everything it stood for. Every time anyone has been told no, that is not for you for whatever reason – gender, academic ability, disability the list is endless. I was told I could not play football at school – I had to do netball and hockey as that was what the girls played. I joined a football team when I was 16yrs old, but by then, I had found other interests and did not pursue them. How different might it have been if I had been encouraged at primary school? How many other opportunities are closed off to people because it is how it has always been? This win is monumental in so many ways, and as Gabby Logan said – do you think it is all over? It has only just begun.” 

Louisa R, Leadership and Performance Coach at Yorkshire Building Society

“I was the same only ever wanted to play football at school when I was 14, a group of us were lucky enough to have a male teacher support us, and we created a football team played for my last five years of school, and it was the first and only sport at school I loved! Seeing the Lionesses win means everything, I am so happy that girls can see their success and know they can do it too.” 

Let us build on this momentum and hope this victory will revolutionize the game. Football is known as a beautiful game because it brings people together. It is time for equality in life and sports

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