Award Winning Young Entrepreneur: How To Get Teams To Work Together

Teamwork is essential throughout life because it brings out the best of us. Together we accomplish more.

When young entrepreneur Hannah Duraid set up The Great Escape Game, her initial team was small, comprised of just her travel partner. The Great Escape Game has grown massively over the past few years not only because it was turned into a sustainable business model but also because of Hannah’s ability to get her team working together. Here is a great opportunity to hear from the FL National Awards & Summit Alumni and hear her suggestions on teamwork.

Hannah Duraid, Co-Founder The Great Escape Game, FL National Awards & Summit 2016 National Winner – Young Entrepreneur of the Year 

When I set up my business, my initial team was small, comprised of just my travel partner. Before I knew it, I enlisted the mentorship of Jill White (Sheffield legend!) and hired our first marketing guy, Aaron. It’s strange how in business we’re sometimes forced to enlist the help of strangers but retrospectively I’m reminded that it’s not about surrounding yourself with people you know, it’s about surrounding yourself with people who believe in your vision.

My whole story began after 8 months of travelling across Thailand, Australia, Malaysia and Bali.

I arrived back to the UK ready to start my PGCE. Whilst I was travelling, I was introduced to my first escape game. ‘It was AMAZING’ I thought to myself, ‘We need more of these in the UK!’. I researched, I planned and finally decided to invest the entirety of my savings into starting what is now ‘The Great Escape Game’. From risking everything on a chance to now becoming one of Yorkshire’s largest escape game providers, I realised it was all down to the people I kept around me. We went from just the two of us to employing over 40 people!

If you want people to work together, it’s important to make it known that you care about them, because in return they’ll care about the business.

We really pride ourselves on the culture we have within our team and it’s all held together by a singular vision to deliver the most immersive and incredible adventures to every single customer who comes through our doors. A shared vision and a clear understanding of our role in the marketplace allows all of us to see the direction in which we’re heading. It’s probably one of the strongest ways to ensure we’re all working together for the same cause. Within my team, I try to incorporate a fun yet professional culture. That’s because I want all my employees to have a progressive and fulfilling career where people feel motivated and inspired to come to work alongside people they truly care about.

Another way we encourage participative working is to have an environment of transparency and open dialogue.

Every three months we undertake appraisals, a process whereby each member of the team is acknowledged for their successes over the past few months. As well as this, we collectively help identify areas of opportunity whereby people may be able to deliver additional support or use their skills in departments where they wouldn’t initially consider themselves. Ultimately, the idea is that everyone understands that their role in the business is never an insignificant one, nor a restrictive one, but it’s one which helps us advance one step closer to achieving the dream.

You see, business is like an escape game.

It’s not to say that you can’t be successful by yourself, it just helps to have the right people around you. If you focus on the puzzles, you’ll forget the timer and sometimes someone else’s skills could have saved you that time in the long run. Everyone brings their unique skills and strengths to the table and it’s about the collective effort of many people. A team without the right communication between them is not a team, it’s just many individuals. I believe in my business because I believe in the people who work for it.

I’ve told my coaching clients for years, “Perfection Does Not Exist.” 

So, if you are aiming for perfection, you’re never going to get there! If you’ve made progress that’s perfect. If you have learned something new, that’s perfect. If you push yourself to be the perfect working, cooking, cleaning, all-knowing mother, that’s impossible. Use your time more practically and stop comparing yourself to others.

So, if you want to encourage teamwork, you must practice communication and set yourself on a collective goal. 

*Source Club For Busy People

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