Awards: 5 Reasons to Apply for a National Women in Business Award

WIBA 2015 Winners

Here at Forward Ladies we want to celebrate the success of Women in Business so that’s why we’ve officially launched our 2016 National Women in Business Awards.  We are dedicated to encouraging the growth and professional life for women and our awards form a key part of our calendar.

Who should enter?

Our awards are as inclusive as possible, you could be running a small business or working as part of a large corporate organisation.  We have lots of different categories so there should be one just right for you.  The only thing we ask is that you must have been trading for two years or held the senior management position you are being nominated for, for at least two years (unless you are applying for the Rising Star, Start-Up or Young Entrepreneur Awards).

5 reasons to apply:

  1. Winning an award is a fantastic way to gain recognition from your peers or raise your business profile. You can demonstrate to customers, competitors and your colleagues that you are excelling in your field and build trust.
  2. This can be a great team building exercise, who doesn’t want to work for a successful and inspiring leader? And, everyone loves a team trip out to an awards ceremony!
  3. Networking has so many benefits, meet the other successful nominees and great connections can be made.
  4. The PR surrounding the awards can help boost you or your business’ media exposure.
  5. Finally, give yourself a pat on the back. We don’t often stop and take a look at what we have achieved, but we should and this is your perfect opportunity.

That’s not to say that winning an award is easy! We make no bones about the high standard of entries we receive but we know you will find the whole experience both beneficial and enjoyable.

Nominate someone or apply yourself for an award here.