Courage, Happiness And Your Success At Work

Yesterday’s inspirational speaker lunch has really sparked a bit of self reflection for us here at Forward Ladies. Suzy Greaves, business owner and editor of Psychologies Magazine shared the 5 Cs to happiness. Courage was the first C she shared and one of the ways to achieving true happiness in life.

Courage may mean different things to each one of us but fundamentally it all about having the strength to conquer our fears and to change the status quo if we are not happy with it. For some it may mean actually a physically heroic act such as climbing mount Everest but for others it may be being able to speak up for what you believe in, asking for that promotion or approaching that business you think you should be working with.

Courage is needed in the work place to enable us women to gain the support to create the conditions we need to do well at work and to be rewarded fairly for that.  Without courage, the next generation of women may well continue to face the same challenges we are facing in business today because nobody had the courage to confront or try to change the status quo.

Do you want to feel better about yourself and proud about your achievements? Recognise that demonstrating your ‘courage’ has a huge part to play in achieving happiness.

How brave are you? Take the test here

I took the test and this is what it says about me

Mostly A’s: Courage after hesitation – you act despite your fear

You don’t feel brave at all, but you also can’t let things slide when you know you should act. It takes a lot of effort to overcome your fears or worries to avoid hurting other people and to take a leap into the unknown. Facing your fears means you are forced to abandon your longing for a quiet life. You take risks because you know if you don’t you will be angry with yourself. You would rather face the unknown than feel guilty about inaction. Whenever you do act, it takes others by surprise because no-one expects people who are seen as a bit timid to make a courageous move. It’s well known that when quiet people break out of their quiet pattern, it can be spectacular. You usually take your time, weighing up the pros and cons of a situation, and sometimes by the time you have made up your mind it’s too late. When you look at things closely, you will realise that your acts of bravery are really the most admirable because you feel fear at the outset – you are clear about the dangers involved or you can see a family member resents your decision or your boss is annoyed you’ve handed in your notice – but despite that you still decide to act. You haven’t got boundless courage but act as if you have, in the hope that things will turn out for the best.

by Griselda Togobo