Do You Waste Your Time On Ineffective Meetings?

Some meetings leave you energized and productive, while others drain your lifeblood, leaving you more confused than before the meeting. 

We all have to attend meetings, so use this check list to help you make the most of them.

  1. Do you need a meeting? Would an email suffice? Organise meetings only when you are clear on the input you need. Push back on meetings that have vague agendas.
  2. Is the agenda clear? Clarify the purpose of the meeting. No clear agendas will cause you to drift off-subject, jumping from one subject to the next without concluding on any of them. Only have a meeting with a clear plan.
  3. Will the topic be easily covered in 30 minutes?
  4. Is the location clear – virtual, in person, or are some joining virtually?
  5. Have you prepared thoroughly? Most people rarely do any preparation for meetings. 
  6. Have you sent prereading materials to meeting participants?
  7. Start by summarising any material sent and assume no one did the prereading, and take the first few minutes to summarize.
  8. Do introductions to break the ice.
  9. Limit invitations to as few people as possible.
  10. Bring food and ensure drinks and water are available. 
  11. Start and finish on time. 
  12. Assign any action points. 
  13. Minutes and log any decisions made 
  14. Follow up with a written summary and key action points. 
  15. Review recurring meetings to see if they are still a good use of time.


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