Don’t be embarrassed of your success – celebrate it

Success - celebrate it

We’ve just had another excellent networking event in London and one of the topics we discussed is just how most women internationally leave out their achievements when introducing themselves!  As one lady said she is embarrassed and apologetic of her achievements and does not to want to draw any kind of attention to it.

We’ve noticed this trend across all the regions we host events in and it’s rather unfortunate that the majority of us women feel the only way to fit in with our peers is to downplay our achievements –  to shrink and disappear in the room.

We are all for humility at forward ladies but also believe that in an era when we women are advocating for equal opportunities and recognition in the work place its important that we own our achievements so that we can be role models for others but also claim the recognition that we deserve.

Here are some 3 quick tips to help with you engage with our members at your next networking event. This is not about elevator pitches. It’s the next phase down the line when you have a chance to have a more indepth discussion about what you do and how you came to be doing it.

1. For starters when introducing yourself, don’t leave out your past – even if you were doing something totally unrelated to what you are doing now.

2. No body likes people who name drop but in business you really do need to mention the businesses and clients you’ve worked with. How else will I know the calibre of businesses you work with unless you give me examples I can recognise and relate to.  Transparency will help you connect with members by building trust.

3. Be yourself – everybody in the room is in exactly the same boat. Be yourself and make it easy for people to connect.