FL National Awards Highlights: Helen Butters, Four Mums In A Boat

Over the past 10 years of running FL National Awards & Summit, we have had some of the most amazing speakers. Last year one of our keynotes was a famous world record holding mum from Yorkshire – Helen Butters, who rowed the ocean with three other mums she met on a school run.

Speaking at the FL National Awards & Summit in London last year, Helen Butters, a successful public and motivational speaker and best-selling author, asked us to “dream big.” Author of Four Mums in a Boat, Helen shared her incredible true story of four ordinary working mums from Yorkshire who took on an extraordinary challenge and broke a world record along the way.

Sleep deprivation, seasickness and fear are just some of the issues she faced, testing her resilience, physical ability and mental capacity on a daily basis. Remaining fiercely positive throughout, Helen said: “We were training mentally because 70 per cent of the challenge was a mental one. We learnt to visualise our end goal.”

Helen described an “amazing” highlight – rowing with a whale and a pod of dolphins. She added: “We wanted to get across and enjoy the journey. We saw the most amazing things, the wildlife, the whales, the sky, being out there in the middle of nowhere.

“I think it changed us when we got to the other side. The sense of achievement was fantastic. My ethos is if four mums from York can do this – if we can do this – then anyone can do anything.”

Here is a full documentary about FOUR MUMS IN A BOAT

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