Grow with Novi

Dear Novi Community,

Have you ever paused to consider the incredible power of community?

Reflecting on our journey together at Novi, I’m continually amazed by how our collective strength propels us forward, creating opportunities and breakthroughs we could never achieve alone.

Before we dive deeper, I’m thrilled to invite you to our upcoming The Novi Awards & Summit. This event is designed to celebrate and harness the power of our network. We’ll have inspiring panel discussions featuring speakers who’ve achieved remarkable success through collaboration, keynotes on how other women are breaking through personal and societal barriers, the opportunity to expand your professional network, and ample opportunities for making new and meaningful connections. By attending, you’ll expand your circle and discover new ways to contribute to and benefit from our vibrant community. Learn more about the Novi Summit & Awards on our website.  

Now, let’s discuss why community is crucial. When I started my leadership journey, I often felt isolated, thinking I had to figure everything out independently. But as I connected with other women in business, I realized that success isn’t a solitary pursuit—it’s a collective endeavour.

Our Novi community is more than just a network; it’s a robust support, inspiration, and opportunity ecosystem. When we come together, we create a space where ideas flourish, challenges become stepping stones, and individual dreams transform into shared realities.

Research supports the impact of strong communities. Studies show that entrepreneurs and corporations with strong support networks are more likely to succeed, innovate, and overcome obstacles. Yet, many women in business still feel isolated. This is why our Novi community is so vital – we’re bridging that gap, providing the connection and support that fuels success.

So, this month’s challenge is to reflect on how you’re engaging with our community. Are you tapping into its full potential? Here are a few ways to maximize the power of our network:

  1. Join as a virtual connect member
  2. Take the new member challenge and actively participate in our online forums and discussions.
  3. Attend our virtual and in-person events regularly.
  4. Offer your expertise to fellow members who might need it.
  5. Feel free to ask for help or advice when you need it.
  6. Celebrate and share the successes of other community members.


Remember, a thriving community is built on give-and-take. The more you invest in our network, the more you and others benefit. Your unique experiences and insights are valuable—by sharing them, you’re contributing to our collective growth.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this. How has the Novi community impacted your journey? What do you value most about being part of this network? What ideas do you have for making our community even stronger?

Let’s continue this conversation and support each other in harnessing the true power of community.

Together, we rise,


Also, remember to save the date for our Novi Leadership Summit & Awards. It’s the perfect opportunity to experience our network’s incredible energy and potential firsthand. I can’t wait to connect with you there!