How To Advocate For Yourself: Anna Keeling, MD Boeing Defence UK

Our long-standing member, supporter and all-around inspirational leader, Anna Keeling is one of the extraordinary women in today’s world of business. 

She shattered the glass ceiling in the male aerospace sector and joined Boeing as Managing Director of Boeing Defence UK. Anna was named one of 2017’s 100 Women to Watch by The Female FSTE Board Report. 

Due to the pandemic, we cannot be together in person so, we thought we would throwback to happier, safer times when we could gather together, celebrate each other, and learn from each other at our annual events. 

Grab a hot drink and make yourself comfortable and enjoy this short but powerful inspirational keynote from Anna Keeling at the 2019 FL National Awards & Summit. She spoke about the importance of being your advocate.

Here are a few key takeaways from Anna’s speech:

  1. In the world of business, it’s great to have a mentor, sponsor or coach, but the truth is that you’re your best advocate. ⁣ 
  2. Advocating for yourself is a form of self-sponsorship. It is not raising your hand and waiting for your name to be called out. ⁣⁣You can put yourself forward and bank on yourself. 
  3. The best way to succeed is to make sure that your voice is heard. Continue to acknowledge and celebrate your successes and wins – publicly. Nothing is too big or too small. 
  4. Every meeting, phone or conference call is an opportunity for you to tell your story in the world of business. Impressions matter, and every single interaction counts. 

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