Ian Stuart: “We Can’t Go Back, But We Can Learn For The Future”

We can’t go back, but we can learn for the future. 

Ian Stuart, chief executive of HSBC UK (headline sponsor of the awards), told us that when he looked at the finalists, it made him genuinely wonder how much value we’ve left on the table in UK PLC over the last 20 years.

“Had we, as a society, enabled women to participate fully in business from the outset, just think of all the incredible, talented women we would now have filling great jobs in the boardroom, fulfilling great ideas in business today. There has been a genuine waste of talent for the last 20 years.” – Ian Stuart, CEO of HSBC UK

He explained at HSBC UK, that in order to maximise their access to talent, they are determined to build an inclusive environment where all of their colleagues and customers are able to fulfil their potential regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, disability or socio-economic background.

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Ian also explained to the audience the main factors which he felt women in business were facing today. They are:

  1. Access to cash flow. The majority of investors are still male. This impacts the availability of funding because men are more likely to invest with leaders who make them most comfortable. And sadly that is often other men. 
  2. There are many fewer high profile female business role models and mentors than male. This is why organisations such as Forward Ladies are so critical to help women share their wisdom and experiences with one another, and help other women about to take the first step. 
  3. We must also remember that women still most often shoulder the burden of work when it comes to caring responsibilities (both of children and wider families). HSBC is working to reduce the impact of this on small businesses with their Parental Leave Support Package, which helps out businesses when one of their employees go on parental leave, for full details, see HERE

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