EP. 6 In Conversation With Sheree Atcheson, Top Most Influential Woman In Tech

Griselda Togobo sits down with a multi-award winning leader and diversity and inclusion champion Sheree Atcheson.

You will learn:

1. About leadership, creating inclusive workplaces & products

2. How we can build back better with empathy

3. The importance of knowing yourself and your employees

4. About Sheree’s new book “Demanding More”



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About Sheree Atcheson:

Listed as one of the UK’s Top Most Influential Women in Tech & an international multi-award winner for her services to Diversity & Inclusion in industry, Sheree (@_nirushika_) is the Global Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Peakon; Advisory Board Member, Women Who Code; Contributor, Forbes. Currently, she is writing “Demanding More” (with Kogan Page Publishing) – a book to help everyone be the change needed in creating a more inclusive society and workplace. Preorder now open!

Sheree is a Global Diversity & Inclusion Exec (ex. Deloitte and Monzo), having worked in many regions developing tailored, data-driven DE&I strategies, with clear goals and lines of accountability to embed success and inclusion-that-scales. As a passionate advocate for gaining/retaining women in the industry, in 2013, she launched & led the award-winning U.K. expansion of Women Who Code (womenwhocode.com) the world’s largest non-profit globally dedicated to women in tech, where she now sits as an Advisory Board Member. As an industry leader, she has spoken at many global events, conferences and leadership sessions and is regularly profiled for her work, having been featured in many publications, such as Forbes, Business Insider, FastCompany, Evening Standard, HuffPost, Business Post, Marie Claire, Wired, ComputerWeekly, The Guardian, Sunday Telegraph, Newsletter & many more.

The aim of her career is ensuring people are aware of the fantastic opportunities the industry has to offer & make certain that all humans are able to benefit from these & reach their full career potential. 

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