Introducing Novi

A New Membership Community Helping Women Leaders Win at Work and in Life

We are excited to introduce Novi — the new name and brand for the community that will help women leaders win at work and in life. While we have changed our name from Forwardladies, we haven’t changed our long-term commitment to helping women thrive and succeed at work.It is a space where women can share ideas and insights and build meaningful connections with a network of peers.

Novi is more than just a name change; it symbolises our growth and the building of a new type of women’s community dedicated to fostering a supportive environment where women can thrive professionally and personally.

The inspiration behind Novi comes from the Ewe words “Novi” for “sister” and “family” for “community.” Additionally, “Novi” is a girl’s name in the Netherlands, meaning “new,” reflecting our commitment to ushering in a new era of community, collaboration, and connectivity.

Membership to Novi offers the opportunity to join one of our three peer membership tiers. Each tier brings together women throughout the year to share thoughts and ideas, crossing professional and personal domains. Insightful and inspirational, our peer groups are at the heart of what makes Novi so transformational.

What began as a series of women’s lunches and meetings is now a thriving community of passionate women who want to support and see each other succeed. Today, Novi impacts 1000 women a year through its programmes and our flaghship Leadership Summit & Awards programme also rebranded as the The Novi Summit & Awards continues to provide an opportunity to shine a light on the role models and trailblazers. One of our strenghts is that we have always provideda safe space and community that many turn to for support and inspiration. In light of this we’ve introduced curated peer groups that will meet monthly with an experienced executive coach and chair to facilitate these discussions and provide ongoing professional support.

Novi members will also have access to conversations with renowned inspirational female leaders and training sessions with influencers and academics on topics impacting business leaders.

“We are thrilled to introduce these new tiers of membership for our community to support women at different stages of their careers in response to demand from our existing members,” said Griselda Togobo, Founder and CEO of Novi. “We’re building an ecosystem for women who have aspirations to lead and those who have blazed a path into leadership positions because we believe there is great synergies in that. We really believe in the power of community and the concept that we are indeed unstoppable together. We want to support those who want to go further in their careers so they can continue to break barriers and help open doors for others.”

Novi’s new visual identity and community platform signify a new chapter, evolution, and the power of committed action.

Our new name and brand identity embodies growth, relationships, action, community, and empathy, creating spaces where women feel supported, valued, and empowered to achieve their goals. This rebrand will strengthen the power and influence of Novi’s community by enabling even more connections, global perspectives, and shared insights across its international network.

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About Novi

Novi is a private network designed to help womem leaders thrive and win at work. Founded by Griselda Togobo, Novi’s mission since 1999 has been to level the playing field for women.  Learn more at