It Is A Mistake To Base Your Self-Worth On Your Professional Achievements

Do you measure your worth by your career, the amount of money you earn, your bank balance or your job title?

If you do, then you are not alone.  Most of us define success by external achievement, money, fame and popularity. We all know many people who base their identity and self-worth on their educational and career achievements. They are self-assured and happy when all goes to plan but struggle to cope when confronted with challenges that lead to a change in status.  They become convinced they are now worthless because they no longer have the house, the job or the title.

You will also have noticed that those measures of success can still leave you feeling hollow, empty and unfulfilled. True success must bring fulfilment.  It is important that we all own our definition of success by redefining success to include things that make you feel fulfilled.  When you define success by the quality of your relationships, your ability to make a meaningful contribution to society and to use your natural talents and gifts to serve others then it becomes easier to feel happy and fulfilled even as you continue to pursue your goals. This definition of success makes it easier to bounce back when faced with challenges and adversity.

Here are four ways to help you appreciate who you are and where you are in your life right now.

Redefine success 
Avoid comparing yourself to others and driving yourself to keep up with the Jones. Comparing yourself to others, fuels insecurity which can be the root of most of our frustrations and struggles with self-worth and self-belief. Success must be a personal journey.  Aligning your values to your work and redefine success on your own terms.

Appreciate small victories
If you are consuming all of your time and energy trying to get ahead, you may forget to celebrate your daily victories. It is important to review the positive things that you have done in your life so far and to feel proud of your accomplishments. What things have you done recently that make you feel happy about who you are and where you are with your life right now?

Do more of what makes you happy
If you have a demanding work schedule you may feel drained at the end of each week. The daily commute and grind will take its toll on your morale so you need to make time to rejuvenate by doing more of the things that make you happy.  Reconnect with the things that bring you joy and meaning.

Develop new skills and interests beyond work
Be confident that you are good enough, smart enough and capable enough to achieve your goals. Nurture your curiosity and interest in life by learning new skills and developing interest outside of work.  Life cannot be all about work.

Disconnecting your sense of worth from your professional achievement can play an important part in your happiness and well-being.