New Year, New Career? How To Find Your Next Job

The weeks leading up to the festive break can often be some of the busiest of the year. And so, it’s really not surprising that we’re all more than ready for a rest. Many of used that time of year to socialise with friends and family, relax at home, and catch up with the latest TV and movies. And we often don’t want to go back to work! 

But these sorts of feelings can come from two places. They can come simply from a place of exhaustion, and from the enjoyment we’ve had over the holidays. Or they can come from somewhere deeper; from ideas that have been bubbling under the surface. Being able to identify the differences between the two means that you can start taking the necessary steps towards feeling happier in your professional life.  

The question is, what does exhaustion and readiness to change really look like? 

You’re likely suffering with end-of-year exhaustion if: 

  • Your feelings have emerged over the holidays 
  • You know there’s still lots you want to achieve in your role 
  • You feel energised getting back to work after the break 

You’re likely ready to make a change if: 

  • You’ve been feeling dissatisfied for a while 
  • You feel like you’ve hit a ceiling, and can’t progress any further 
  • Your feelings stay the same, even after you’re back at work 

If you’re ready to make a change, and use the New Year as an exciting opportunity to boost your career in 2023, here are our helpful hints to get you on the right track: 

Know what success looks like to you 

It’s important to understand that there are lots of different ways that you can boost your career. You may choose to develop your skills to work more confidently and productively in your existing role. You may wish to put yourself forward for new opportunities to gain greater recognition that could help you in the future. You could ask for a raise or promotion in your business or seek a new role elsewhere. Understanding what it means to you to boost your career is the first vital step.  

Create a professional development plan 

Once you know what you’re aiming for, the next step is to develop a roadmap for how you’re going to get there. This can include both short term goals, such as researching the market, and longer term goals such as undertaking ongoing training courses. If you’re keen to remain with your existing employer, inviting them into your plan can be worthwhile. If you share with them your goals for the future, they may be able to help identify opportunities for growth and help you move forwards.  

Build on what you’ve got 

If you’re thinking about putting yourself forward for a promotion or a new position with a different employer, remember that in-demand skills are evolving all the time. While you may have experience, you may not always have the right skills that employers are seeking today. Use this time to build upon your existing talents, explore micro upskilling, and ensure you’re as attractive a candidate as you can be. Focus on both hard skills and soft skills; today, they’re both equally as important.  

Search for opportunities 

Don’t sit back and wait for opportunities to fall into your lap; actively seek them out. For example, maybe you feel that you’ve outgrown your existing role, but there’s nowhere for you to move forward within your organisation. Have you thought about proposing a new role? Look for gaps that exist within your business and explore if – and how – your particular expertise could bring value to that area. You may be able to progress your career, even if there’s no official position open to you at the minute.  

Think beyond the office 

When thinking about ways to make yourself attractive to potential employers, it’s easy to focus solely on work-related skills and experience. But remember that many employers are placing more and more emphasis on cultural fit, rather than qualifications. So don’t be afraid to look beyond the office and use your personal brand to highlight your value to an organisation. Any achievements that you’ve gained in your personal life can go a long way towards boosting your career.  

Learn what you’re really capable of  

If you’re looking for a new job this year, it’s natural to seek out opportunities that are similar to what you’re doing right now. But there could be many other ways to boost your career that you’d never even think of. That’s why we recommend working with a mentor, who could inspire you to explore different routes to success, or who may see things in you that you don’t see in yourself. Gaining an outside perspective can help you understand your potential and see what you’re truly capable of.  

How to Find New Opportunities 

While you can search for new opportunities through online job boards, don’t forget about the advantages that can be gained through networking and building relationships. Connecting with others – both in your own industry and in associated fields – can be one of the best ways to build your reputation, share your personal brand, and learn more about what businesses are looking for in today’s landscape.  

The Forward Ladies Power Circle is a great place to achieve just that. It’s a place where you can feel empowered to make the best, smartest decisions for your career, supported by others who want to connect, and help you move forward.  

2023 can be your year to shine and move into a position that really motivates and inspires you to achieve your best. Don’t let this incredible opportunity pass you by.  

Ready to Take the Next Step? 

Here at Forward Ladies, we’re proud to be running an exclusive Boost Your Career in 2023 event on 28th February, sharing our insight into the current job market, and offering expert tips for taking the next step in your professional life. You can learn more about the event – and others taking place – by visiting our what’s on page