Reflect, Retreat And Recharge Your Batteries

Running your own business, managing a team or leading an organisation is one of the toughest jobs in the world, and even with a strong team around you to share the load, you can drift into moments of despair. Reflect, Retreat and Recharge techniques can help you to put a spring back into your step.


It may not sound plausible to many business professionals, but in order to regain your focus and manage your time more effectively, sometimes it’s necessary to take time-out and reflect. An occasional change of scenery can nurture a broader and better perspective on your goals and aspirations and clarify ways to achieve them. By taking a break from your normal routine and giving yourself some unstructured time to reflect, you shift your thinking into recharging and reviewing your options and it’s vital to your well-being too. My Reflect, Retreat and Recharge techniques can help you if you are currently experiencing difficulties with managing your time effectively.

If you’re anything like me, and most other women I know, you’ll have an endless list of excuses at the slightest mention of taking time off or slowing down when life is busy. So what can you do when your batteries are flat and you’re losing your motivation?

GET OUT! Blow away the cobwebs rain or shine with a brisk walk before heading into the office, just a five minute stroll from your door. If you prefer to be more active, head to the gym, yoga studio or have a swim. Enjoy the mental and physical space around you, let your endorphins do their job and allow yourself to enjoy an air of calm and relaxation.

PLAY HARDER: Focus on doing the things you love and enjoy and have fun – cooking, dancing, singing, activity with your children, going to the cinema, shopping. It will let you see the world for what it is. Giving yourself permission to escape from daily responsibilities is a great way to reconnect with yourself and allows you the space to focus solely on the joyful you.

BETWEEN THE LINES: Read…anything! A book, a newspaper, a magazine, a comic, a crossword or puzzle. If you have a much-loved pick-me-up, find it and just by rereading a favourite chapter can give your brain the chance to drift and dream and can boost your confidence.

HAVE A GRUMBLE: Reaching out to colleagues, friends or a mentor and having a good grumble can help put everything into perspective. Everyone has a purpose and it might need a grumble with like-minded professional women to remind you of yours.

DELEGATE IT: If you’re frustrated and tired out by routine chores, get someone who is good at it to support you and do it for you. We’re professional women, so be clear of the task at hand and trust that whoever you delegate it to will do a great job.

PLAN A HOLIDAY: Perhaps take a short holiday that is good for your mind and body too? If you have the time and budget for a more indulgent retreat, there are wellbeing destinations dedicated to yoga and meditation, while others put talks and workshops by global thought leaders at the heart of their experience.

GO COLD TURKEY: I left this one until last as it’s always a tough call. We all need our phones and laptops as we drive our businesses forward but have you ever considered a digital detox? Sometimes we must hand over our devices, just long enough to take stock of our surroundings and get a fresh perspective. If that’s not enough, take a long weekend – but don’t take your laptop with you!

These are just a few of my tips for refocusing and recharging, but whatever you choose to do and for however long you choose to do it – enjoy, relax and be active and creative as you move forward again with a spring in your step on fully charged batteries, and set yourself up to succeed.