Regional Director In Place for the Midlands

DL FL Snipped

At Forward Ladies we are delighted to have Deborah Labbate, our new Regional Director for the Midlands, and a former President of Nottingham City Business Club – on board.

Deborah will be leading the Forward Ladies in the Midlands, covering Nottingham, Birmingham, Leicester, Derby and everywhere in-between. She wants to show everybody the incredible talent that is in her region and we are pleased she believes Forward Ladies is the right platform. Below she gives us an insight into what she wants to achieve and into her earlier business life, revealing what makes her tick.

Deborah says:

“I’m delighted to be on board with Forward Ladies – an organisation that offers something different to others in the region. Managing Director Griselda Togobo is driving through a very exciting programme and we’ve got everything under one banner here: training, peer support, events, networking, mentoring and awards – a lot! Forward Ladies appeals to corporates and small to medium sized businesses alike. I am really excited about the future.

Business has long been a major part of my life. Even at school my holidays were spent at work with my parents. At the age of 14, I had my first Saturday job filling up ice cream vans with diesel! Not the most glamorous of jobs, but looking back, this is how my business life began. I wasn’t only fuelling those ice cream vans, I was fuelling my zest for making things happen and seeing business as a natural part of life.

I am based in Nottingham but have a foot in all camps – born in Leicester, family in Derby and friends in Birmingham.  Over my professional life I feel incredibly lucky to have developed a fantastic network of support and contacts – all of whom I really want to continue to help through my work at Forward Ladies.

Helping people go further faster is my mantra and for the last 10 years, I have worked with many businesses helping them to realise and achieve meaningful success.

I am really looking forward to sharing my experiences with business ladies in the Midlands and to building a positive, thriving supportive community of like-minded women to develop and showcase our skills. Join the ship and jump on board! We can achieve some great things together.