Secret Millionaire Star Kavita Oberoi: ‘How I Grew My Business From £0 to Multi-Million’ 

“There are no barriers to success, only the barriers which we create for ourselves.” – Kavita Oberoi, OBE

From watching her father build a successful plumbing business from scratch in Bradford to running her own multi-million-pound empire and receiving an OBE for services to entrepreneurship and start-up businesses, Kavita’s story both captivated us and encouraged us to be more fearless in our own lives.

A serial entrepreneur and philanthropist, Kavita advises, “rather than be demotivated when told that we’re not ‘allowed’ to do something, take it as motivation to do it regardless.”

A business powerhouse from the age of 15 when she challenged family tradition to go out to work, Kavita overcame obstacle after obstacle to study at university, succeed in the corporate environment and, in 2001, launch her own company, Oberoi Consulting.

Over the past 16 years Kavita’s footprint in the business world has grown in every way – acquiring and launching further companies; appearing in many business-related TV programmes (including The Apprentice – You’re Fired and Secret Millionaire); and physically, when in 2012 she established the Oberoi Business Hub in Derby’s Pride Park.

Watch Kavita speaking at the FL National Awards & Summit 2018.

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