Sky’s Certainly Not The Limit For Tech-Savvy Females

Want to future-proof your career? A role in technology could be the answer according to Catherine Boddington, Sky Betting & Gaming’s Head of Learning & Development. Catherine is committed to getting the best out of people and helping develop talent. 

How important is it for you to retain female talent in the business?

It’s incredibly important. This is already a very competitive sector, so making sure that we retain the skills we have as well as recruit new talent is key.

What schemes do you operate to boost retention amongst female employees?

We run a number of programmes. For example, our programme aimed at returning mothers doesn’t just focus on the practicalities of flexible working but looks at maintaining skills and confidence for new mums. We’re also developing a career programme for all our senior female managers this year, providing support around the natural pinch points in a career.

What more can be done to increase the number of women in Science Technology Engineering and Maths?

The apprenticeship levy is a good start towards increasing work-based opportunities. There needs to be more emphasis on technology as a subject in schools Closer ties between education and industry are vital.

Looking ahead, how positive are you about growing the number of women working for Sky Betting & Gaming?

We’ve made a big commitment this year to raise the profile of diversity in the business and there’s a lot to be positive about. The growing number of high profile sportswomen could boost interest, creating a more diverse customer base, which will hopefully be reflected in our workforce.

What would you say to women considering a career in technology?

Absolutely, jump in. If you’re intellectually curious and you want to develop a skill-set that’s transferable, a career in tech is a springboard to a great career.

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