Spoiler Alert – The Barbie Movie and what our members are saying about it!

Inspired by Greta Gerwig’s “Barbie,” The Barbie film has recently made significant waves due to its impactful self-discovery message and empowering energy. Beyond its status as a mere toy, Barbie’s journey is a profound metaphor for breaking free from constraints and embracing the strength of womanhood, from celebrating individuality to shattering glass ceilings. Our members tell us that the Barbie movie highlights the value of friendship, cooperation, and community in addition to its remarkable entertainment value. The film underscores the importance of empowering one another, regardless of our backgrounds or differences, to create a world where everyone can thrive and achieve their true potential.

We are delighted to share our members’ insights from Barbie’s narrative.

A win for all women – It is exciting to know that a woman produced the Barbie movie because we could do with more women producing and directing big-budget films. According to the Celluloid Ceiling report by San Diego State University, women comprised 24% of directors, writers, producers, editors and cinematographers working on the top 250 grossing films, down 1% from 2021. So Margot Robbie staring and producing the Barbie movie is hugely exciting and a win for all women. It is good to see that Barbie’s standard of beauty has moved on from when she was first created in the 1950s, when beauty meant being thin, having long hair and being a kind of feminine that many women do not aspire to be these days. This will ensure that Barbie continues to be a cherished icon for generations, transcending time and boundaries to become a beloved companion, role model, and source of inspiration for countless young girls.

Dare to be different – Barbie, a resident of the vibrant and seemingly flawless Barbie Land, questioned the essence of her existence. An insatiable curiosity sparked within her, urging her to seek a life beyond the confines of perfection. Boldly, she embarked on a journey to the real world, where she encountered a diverse group of individuals, each unique in their own right. Together, they revealed the beauty of embracing individuality and self-discovery, allowing Barbie to unravel the true essence of happiness. Embracing her authentic self, she defied the expectations of a picture-perfect princess, acknowledging that her drive, kindness, and intelligence were far more valuable than any idealized image. In a stunning display of determination, Barbie shattered stereotypes and misconceptions in the real world. 

Dreams are limitless; you can be whatever – All Barbies in Barbie Land embraced many careers, shining examples of unlimited possibilities. As a doctor, she embodied compassion and the pursuit of medical excellence. As a lawyer, she stood for justice and women’s empowerment in the legal field. As a teacher, she nurtured the thirst for knowledge and encouraged the pursuit of education. When donning the firefighter’s uniform, she showcased courage and determination in the face of challenges. As an astronaut, she symbolized the daring spirit of exploration and the endless frontiers of space. And even as a president, she signified that the highest leadership positions are within reach for girls and women with big dreams. By exemplifying a wide range of careers, all Barbies demonstrate that there are no limits to what you can aspire to, regardless of societal expectations or traditional gender roles. With ambition, hard work, and determination, you can achieve anything you set your mind to, making a profound impact in any field you choose to pursue. So, embrace your passions, dream big, and don’t look back at your fears.

The power of relationships and sisterhood – When Barbie met her owner (Gloria) and daughter (Sasha) in the real world, she learned the power of unity and support among individuals who are different yet united by a common bond. Their collective strength ignited a realization that sisterhood is a formidable force that can surmount obstacles and propel dreams to fruition. As the story unfolded, Barbie and her friends united to thwart Kens’ plan of taking over Barbie Land. Each individual contributed unique skills and talents, proving that sisterhood is a powerful ally in adversity. This lesson resonates deeply with women and serves as a reminder that we are never alone and that there are people who genuinely believe in us. It is therefore implied that we foster friendship, nurture strategic relationships and fall on others when we need help in order to deepen our voices and presence in the rooms where our interests are less represented. Of course, teamwork makes the dream work!

Wear your best accessory, Confidence – Even though Barbie hit rock bottom, her fire was not quenched. Her fearless confidence shore through as she fearlessly led all the Barbies to take back Barbie Land from the Kens, embracing the challenge with determination. Again, her unwavering belief in equality and inclusion drove her to speak up for her thoughts, unswayed by popular opinion. Eventually, her courage and tenacity paid off as she emerged victorious in returning what belonged to them. Barbie’s boldness and readiness to take risks inspire women and girls alike, revealing the profound impact of self-belief in achieving one’s dreams. Therefore, the next time self-doubt creeps in, luring you to step back, pause and take a deep breath, wear your best accessory and witness the astounding potential within you.

In a world where women continue to battle barriers, Barbie’s narrative is positive and much needed at a time when the World Economic Forum projects it will take 135 years to achieve global gender equality. 

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