The Apprentice’s Linda Plant – From a Market Stall in Dewsbury to the London Stock Exchange

“Work hard. When the going gets tough don’t give up and you will gain respect and achieve your ambitions.” 

Linda Plant is an inspiration to women worldwide. She established herself through a series of challenging executive roles at a young age and was a pioneer in women’s collective ascent to leadership roles in the professional world. She is passionate about business and has proven herself to be ambitious, motivated and driven. She is a self-made woman, and success has given her the freedom to enjoy all that life has to offer, while remaining true to her values.

Starting life from humble beginnings selling fashion from a market stall, her hard work paid off in her acceptance of Northern Business’ Woman of the Year. She took her career a step further by selling her designs worldwide with her international knitwear brand, which went on to become publicly traded on the London Stock Exchange. She also built and ran an electronics company, which she sold after three short years, for a substantial profit.

Linda has three wonderful sons and splits her time between London and the U.S. Her successes have been a blessing to her entire family; all of her children have a similar entrepreneurial mindset.

Today, she runs a successful property and interior design business. Fashion and design are ubiquitous elements of her life; and there is no limit to her love of style. Linda’s success is a testament to her entrepreneurial spirit and forward-thinking mindset.

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