The Queen dies ‘peacefully’ at Balmoral at 96 after Historic 70 Year Reign.

“We can make a real difference in the lives of women of all ages and cultural backgrounds, in a spirit of friendship, cooperation, and support.” – Queen Elizabeth II

The longest-reigning monarch in history is just one of the many achievements of the Queen of England. In her 70 years of reign, she has attained greatness as the most influential person in Britain and the most inspiring woman worldwide. With all these attributes in place, the Queen is also considered the ultimate feminist, empowering women throughout her reign.

The Queen deserves to be honoured at this moment because she possesses and exhibits the attributes of leadership we can aspire to have. She is indeed one of our time’s most influential and resilient women.

She will always be remembered for her outstanding leadership, bravery, and the example she set throughout her life. Rest in Peace, Your Majesty:female-guard::skin-tone-2::crown:

As we are celebrating the life of the Queen, comment below some fond memories and stories you have read about her.