Top 20 Coaches And Therapists Recommended By Our Members

Are you thinking about hiring a qualified coach or therapist?

Someone who understands women and our issues? 

We’ve pulled together a list of Coaches and Therapists recommended by our members. 

Whether you are looking for coaching or therapy to help you with work, stress, behavioural challenges, and improving your relationships, money, business, or parenting, we hope you can find your ideal coach here.

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Catherine Asta Labbett
Female-focused Psychotherapist

Catherine is a multi-award winning female-focused Psychotherapist and impassioned champion of women and their stories. She has transformed hundreds of women and has spent thousands of hours inside the minds of women. The resident psychotherapist on the award-winning Stephanie Hirst show on BBC Radio Leeds, columnist at Flock magazine, the resident well-being expert at John Lewis Leeds and featured expert in the national media.

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Jenny Garrett OBE
Career Coach & Leadership Trainer

Jenny is an Award-Winning Career Coach, Leadership Trainer, Speaker & Author. In 2006 Jenny founded her business, and now alongside her team works with individuals and organisations, supporting them to achieve career and life-changing results. Using their unique combination of skills around gender balance, leadership, inclusion and selfimprovement to inspire and empower.

She is well known for her work empowering working women, particularly female breadwinners, through her book Rocking Your Role. Fairness and empowerment are at the heart of her work, she believes that when women thrive, we all do.

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Dr Helen Lawal
Doctor & Health Coach

Helen is a Doctor, TV Presenter, Health Coach and a new Mum.

As a Health Coach, she works with women who want to transform their lifestyle to create happiness and health. Helen has developed a unique way of blending her experience of working in healthcare with powerful transformational coaching skills to support women in creating a healthier way of living whilst acknowledging the challenges of juggling the demands of family and work life.

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Dominique Atwell
Mindset Transformation Coach

Dominique is a Mindset Transformation coach. She works with women to calm the noise in their life, find clarity and contentment. She also supports parents to instil growth mindset and helps children to be confident individuals with high self-esteem.

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Suzy Reading
Chartered Psychologist, Yoga Teacher & Health Coach

Suzy is a mother of two, a Chartered Psychologist, Yoga Teacher, and Health Coach. She specialises in well-being: head, heart and body, helping people manage their emotions, energetic bank balance and the inevitable stresses of life.

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Arit Eminue
Career Coach

Over the last decade, Arit has built from scratch a successful award-winning recruitment and training company, DiVA Apprenticeships, recruited hundreds of individuals into careers in some of the worlds’ best entertainment brands, and coached and trained people from graduate to senior executive. This experience, coupled with her role as an employer has given her a good idea of what is needed to realise your full potential in a career you will enjoy or to build a successful team that will drive your business forward. 

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Kim Morgan
Coach & Grief Recovery Specialist

Kim Morgan is CEO of Barefoot Coaching, one of the most successful and fastest growing coaching and coach training businesses in the UK. Kim was one of the UK’s first executive business and personal coaches. Kim pioneered the development of university-approved coach education in the UK and her lifetime contribution to the industry was recognised when she received Coaching at Work’s award of “Coach of the Year”.

Kim has over 25 years of experience in the training and development of coaches. Kim holds a Masters in Coaching and Coaching Development and is a Visiting Research Fellow of the University of Chester and lifetime Fellow of the National Council of Psychotherapists. Kim is also a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist.

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Lucy Sheridan
Comparison Coach

Lucy Sheridan is the world’s first and only comparison coach who, through her private practice and workshops, has helped thousands of people go from compare and despair to #comparisonfree. Accredited by the Association for the Psychological Therapies, named as one of the New Wellbeing Specialists 2018 by The ST Style and praised as one of the UK’s most successful coaches by The Times, she is an MTV approved coach and her work has been featured in global outlets such as Psychology TodayForbes and Google Labs.

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Annette Unigwe
Coach & Meditation Teacher

Annette is a qualified NLP Practitioner, a Certified 3rd Age Renewal Coach, and a Meditation Teacher. She holds a range of different coaching qualifications and modalities yet nothing surpasses her love of Meditation for life mastery. She is keen to share her knowledge and skills with as many people as possible.

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Amanda Alexander

She is a multi award-winning Coach and has been hailed as one of the UK’s Top Life Coaches by the UK Press. Amanda is a Sage Business Expert and an expert blogger for Psychologies Magazine, Working Mums and Huffington Post.

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Nicole Goodman
Women’s Identity Expert

Nicole is a certified CPCC women’s identity expert and coach. She supports women to accept themselves, understand themselves and BE themselves.

Nicole understands a woman’s process as she’s worked with women one-on-one for over 25 years. She understands how women feel in today’s world, where they struggle, and more importantly, how to change the conversation from where they aren’t good enough, into what they really want and who they really are.

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Jacqui Harper
Presence Expert

Jacqui is a presence expert. She transforms the presence of leaders to increase impact and effectiveness. Her coaching success comes from her experience as an acclaimed author, a visiting professor at INSEAD and a former BBC TV news anchor. She combines classic coaching and the toolkit of a news anchor.

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Ruth Kudzi

Ruth is a well respected and successful coach who has worked across sectors including leadership, career and more recently business and mindset.

She has over 10,000 coaching hours and has completed 000s of hours of training and coaching supervision.

She heads up the team of professionally qualified coaches and mentors many of whom have a background in education and leadership.

Ruth has a background in educational leadership and sales and has been studying Psychology and Neuroscience for over 25 years.

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Phanella Fine
Executive Coaches & Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapist

Phanella is one of the UK’s leading Accredited Executive Coaches and a Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapist. 

She is also a former lawyer and banker, as well as a successful entrepreneur. 

Most importantly, she quickly and effectively helps her clients achieve success on their own terms.

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Sarah Clarke
Coach & Talent Consultant

Sarah Clarke aka ‘The Work Happiness Coach’, is a career, leadership, female-founder and culture coach and mum to two young girls.

Before setting up her own coaching business, Shine Brighter Consulting, in 2018, she worked in the fields of employee engagement, workplace culture and leadership development for over 15 years for various tech, fintech and dot com organisations such as, Yahoo!, and latterly Simply Business where, as Head of Talent & Engagement, she devised the people engagement strategy that resulted in them winning “The Best Company to Work for in the UK according to the Sunday Times in both 2015 and 2016”.

She now works with women (and a few men!)  who want to find more happiness, purpose and success in their work lives; by helping them either re-design their careers or start up their own business which align authentically with their personality and purpose.

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Chloe Brotheridge
Hypnotherapist & Coach

Chloe Brotheridge, hypnotherapist, coach and author of the bestselling The Anxiety Solution and Brave New Girl. She has also written for The Guardian, Daily Mail, Stylist, Marie Claire online and Cosmopolitan (to name just a few), had over three-quarters of a million downloads on ‘The Calmer You Podcast’ and has helped thousands of people all over the world with my books, courses and workshops.

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Ruth Wood

Ruth is a coach, intrepid adventurer and people-lover! She works with women who are seeking clarity, helping them to move past the overwhelm of busy careers, businesses and families. She creates safe, yet challenging spaces for them to explore their purpose and potential and find harmony in their lives. 

She enjoyed a wonderful and varied career in government, ranging almost 20 years in diplomacy, policy-making, change management, and latterly strategy and leadership roles. She has coached individuals and leaders for over a decade as part of those roles, facilitated teams and strategy development, as well as major change programmes.

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Sarah Flynn
Spiritual Mentor

Spiritual Intuitive, Light Channel, Public Speaker & Mentor for light-working women & visionaries who desire to live in their highest soul truth and impact the world with their purpose-driven vision.

She is on her mission to help guide women through the transformation of healing their past, overcoming their fears and connecting them to your most expansive future.

Through her multi-dimensional approach of healing, self-love, spiritual growth and transformation she is able to support you as you rise in life, business and light working leadership.

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Rowena Wood

Rowena helps women who feel like they don’t have enough hours in each day, are tired of being tired, finding it hard to relax and recharge, and just don’t feel like themselves anymore.

Coaching with her focuses on self-kindness and learning to love you, creating easily adapted healthy habits and routines to last a lifetime.

Rowena will help you to plan for and live the life that you want.

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Lauren Paton
Coach, Mentor & Energy Healer

She believes every woman deserves to feel like she belongs in every room she walks into. You’re an unstoppable force of nature who deserves to be seen, and I’m here to help you get there.

She uses a combination of coaching, energy work, and her own brand of spiritually-minded straight-talking support to break down the boundaries around your potential, kick impostor syndrome to the curb and build up your self-belief so you’re ready to be unleashed upon the world.

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Have we missed anyone? Let us know! Suggest your favourite coaches, mentors and psychotherapists in the comments below.