We Are Facing A Mental Health Crisis. Be Part Of The Solution

People are hurting and choosing the ultimate way to end it. The news of Caroline Flack’s suicide has shaken me to the core. Not again.

Happiness clearly has NOTHING to do with success and fame. 

These people might look happy but we have since found out that they could not really have been. They were in pain, depressed and suicidal and in the end chose to take their own lives. 

EVERYONE struggles it is just how well we cope. Let’s be kind to each other.

– Make it a week where you are not too busy to listen to your body and take time out to calm your mind.

– Make it a week where you are not too busy to see and hear the people around you. 

Remember that we are all suffering and kindness and love of humanity is the only cure for this mental health crisis. 

People only reach out to people they trust and feel they can share their pain with. Let’s all try to be that person in our workplaces and communities.

Congrats to all who are in pain and have chosen to seek help and are still here with us today. You are doing great. Keep talking and surrounding yourself with positive and kind people. The right help will get you through this.

Thanks to all the secret heroes and heroines who are talking people out of suicide attempts on a daily basis. 

It’s happening all around us. Choose to be part of the solution.

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