10 Reasons Why You Should Apply For An Award

10 reasons why you should apply:

Reflect on what you do best

The application process itself can often force you to properly appraise your business and provides a valuable opportunity to adopt a new perspective, evaluate your strengths and weaknesses and review your overarching business strategy. Long-term, this will help you identify ways you could be doing things better and detect areas for improvement.

Well-earned publicity

Winning an award can enable you to further enhance your business profile and can have a direct and dramatic impact on you and your company. It’s an opportunity to improve and build on your brand awareness and provides a real competitive advantage when seeking or retaining customers. It’s a great thing to be noticed for, so make sure people know.

An endorsement from those in the know

A business award win, short-listing or nomination acts as an endorsement for your business and provides a valuable opportunity to assess your position in relation to that of your peers and competitors. It’s a reassuring reminder that your business plan is credible, helps make the hard work worth it and clearly differentiates you from your competitors.


Making networking connections through the awards with other business leaders and professionals can advance the business and present opportunities to pursue new ventures.

Trusted expert

Some of our previous winners have been offered public speaking and media commentator opportunities as a result of their Women in Business Award and this further reinforces the reach of the business and creates on-going PR opportunities.

Alumni opportunities

An opportunity to become part of an exclusive alumni network; raising international profiles, expanding networks and enhancing careers.

Shout out to potential funders

If you are seeking funding or investment, demonstrating that you have received recognition as the best or most promising business within your sector can really strengthen your case.

Boost staff morale

Achieving recognition in a prestigious business award can have a positive and encouraging effect on staff morale. It can boost motivation and acknowledges the successful contribution they make to you or your business.

Attract talent to your business

Equally, you may find it easier to attract top quality people as a result of your awards success or it boosts the pride and motivation of existing employees.

The award!

And at the end of all this, there’s the chance that you may win an extraordinary award. What are you waiting for?!


Would you like your business and hard work to be recognised? Then apply or nominate someone for one of our prestigious National Women in Business awards, so we can celebrate your success and inspire other women to do the same. There’s nothing we love more than promoting incredible women in business! Apply/Nominate HERE.