Podcast: Is There A Price For Working Flexibly?

By Griselda Togobo

Are you regularly emailing at 10 pm? I recently took part in this year’s BBC Free Thinking Festival. The discussion was ‘The Never-Ending Workday’ where we looked at how technology has transformed work and merged home and work life, but what price do we pay for this flexibility?

Email and other technological devices have transformed work, but does it make work more dynamic and streamlined? Technology is a huge enabler and allows us to work in a different way but it’s ultimately about control and understanding and recognising our impulses. For a mum of two and small business owner, it allows me to manage my time and work effectively, when and where I can. My work is flexible and whilst my methods work for me, it may not suit everyone. It’s important that technology is used productively and enhances what we do, but it also provides a platform which can be abused and can actually waste our time. Don’t let technology replace personal interactions; emails can’t replace conversations. So let’s keep talking!

There’s really no going back. Technology is moving forwards at such a fast pace and with greater access we can’t afford to be left behind. But the challenge is how we manage that and how we redefine work in this new world.

If you missed the programme, and want to hear our thoughts as we looked at the history of the workplace from factory floor to hot desk to the gig economy, you can listen to the podcast, and decide for yourself whether you’re embracing our culture of work or if you’re actually ready to ‘clock-off.’

Watch full BBC Radio 3 Podcast here.

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