872 calls later …..

A few years ago, I met trailblazing entrepreneur Lara Morgan at her Business Accelerator conference. She is the author of the best selling book “More Balls Than Most”.

When you meet Lara you will understand that the title is very fitting!


I first met Lara at Oxford’s Said Business School Conference where she made a lasting impression on me so I decided she was one to watch.

Some connections are worth their weight in gold.

Lara tarted Pacific Direct – a manufacturer and supplier of luxury branded toiletries to the hotel industry from scratch and later sold it for £20m.

Lara was able to grow her business because she is a sales woman at heart.

It took her 2-years and 872 calls to win an account, which transformed her business. An account that became worth £4m!

“I used to get up at 6.30 in the morning and set myself targets as to how many phone calls I’d make – cold calls. Cold calls are miserable – utterly miserable. Sometimes I’d have to do 180 to get a coffee!” But it paid off. Her first ever meeting was with the prestigious Dorchester Hotel in London. After six months of careful nurturing of that lead, of gentle persistence and providing the right samples for the hotel, they placed their first order with her. “So that then allowed me to call up lots of other people and tell them that I was a supplier to the Dorchester”, laughs Lara, “Not many people turn down your phone calls then!” – LT Focus.

That is what we call targeted relentless pursuit! Many people would have given up long before the 872nd call!

What’s going to be your story in future? Are you nurturing the right relationships? Big wins take time. They don’t happen overnight but when they do happen, you’ll be an overnight success!

Which transformational opportunities are you currently pursuing?

And what is going to be your number?

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