Are You Missing Out On Our Webinars?

“Professional development can equip you with new skills, help you gain or maintain a professional accreditation, or give you the opportunity to take your career or business to the next level.” (UWE, Bristol) 

When was the last time you took time out to learn something new?  With all the demands of running a business, a household and ferrying the children to and from school, swimming lessons and endless birthday parties there’s little time to pick up one of the self-development books you’ve been meaning to read for the last 6 months (or year?).

Here at Forward Ladies we have created an exciting schedule of training webinars covering a wide range of topics – and they are all free for our Premium members. We hold them at lunchtime, so you can join in the live session while at your desk eating your sandwiches. We also record them, so if you miss it you can watch (or watch again) at your leisure.

So, what is a webinar?  It’s simply a web-based seminar. All you need to join in is a PC or tablet, an internet connection and speakers. You will hear the trainer delivering the webinar and be able to see their slides on your screen.  If you are at the live session you can ask questions via the chat box, so it’s an interactive experience.

The schedule for the next few months is just as exciting: 

20th February – Tackling Difficult Conversations – Sign up HERE

Do you shy away from difficult conversations, afraid of others reactions or the repercussions?
Jenny will share 2 models that you can add to your toolkit to enable you to confidently start tackling those conversations head on. 

28th February – Leading Life and work with Confidence – Sign up HERE (FREE for everyone) 

67% of women say they need more support with their confidence to feel like they can be leaders, according to the KPMG Women’s Leadership survey 2016. You are either in that 67% or know someone that is.

This webinar is for you – either to support you with your confidence or for you to share with a colleague or friend to help them with theirs.

13th March – Hiring for Success – Sign up HERE 

As a business owner do you worry about hiring new employees?

This webinar is designed specifically for SME Business owners to help you when recruiting and teach you how to hire great employees for your business. 

21st March – Building Team Resilience – Sign up HERE 

This masterclass is aimed at people who are responsible for a team of people.

This webinar will explain the nature of what differentiates high performing teams in tough times, compared to those who fall apart and help you to understand the difference between genuine and “pseudo” teams. Learn how to transform the culture of teams to maximise their performance. 

23rd May – Is your team working hard enough? Tips and tools to heighten team performance – Sign up HERE 

This webinar is aimed at any woman who leads a team. You’ll learn about strategies and techniques to help get your team on track to high-performance (and stay there!) 

Your team is effective. It’s known as a good team. But how do you take them from good to great? How do you get everyone to give that little bit extra? 

Access to our webinars is just one of the many benefits of being a Premium member. Are you missing out? Then join here.

Premium members can register for any (or all!) of the webinars by logging in to our website and going to the ‘Members Webinars’ section.