You’ve Got A Successful Business – What’s Next?

You’ve always dreamed of running your own business. Being your own boss. Then lo and behold you’ve started it and have successfully run this business for a few years. Who would have thought, you the business owner! You’ve developed your team, a great website and followers on social media.  You feel really proud of what you’ve achieved so far and everybody else thinks you’re such a huge success. You are inspirational!


You should be very happy and fulfilled, shouldn’t you?

Of course you are. Yet there is just that niggling feeling…

There is so much more you could achieve if you were able to put your hands on some extra cash to take your business to the next level. You have big dreams but aren’t able to find the investment.

With an instant injection of funding you may build your brand, improve your product or services or invest in a new website with all the features needed to put you ahead of the competition.

You might even take on a new member of staff or two or three, a new office, new equipment – all to grow your business.

Well, we’ve got some great news to share with you…

Our partner HSBC has just announced a mega £10billion fund, which is available to both HSBC and non-HSBC customers!

You might be thinking – this sounds too good to be true, what’s the catch?

The catch is that you do have to pay it back!

That’s reasonable, isn’t it? It’s NOT a free handout.

Yes, it’s a loan but that should be just enough to give you the cash boost you need to get cracking on your big goals, your bigger picture, your dreams.

It’s being allocated in 43 local tranches nationwide, signalling their firm commitment to helping smaller companies right across the country – from startups to established multi-million businesses.

Growing your business can be difficult without the right funding, so why not speak to them and check if it’s right for you?

They approve 97% of loans so you have a great chance of being successful!

Register your interest HERE and I’ll be in touch soon to put you through to our contact at HSBC.


PS: Last year HSBC launched a support package to help small UK businesses overcome the financial challenges of parental leave, including interest-free overdrafts, repayment support for small business loans and capital repayment holidays. To find out more about the Parental Leave Support Package click HERE.

Do you know anyone who might benefit from this support package?

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