Best Career Advice From The Tennis Champions

Do you like tennis? You can learn a lot from tennis champions it when it comes to your career. I’ve been enjoying watching the Wimbledon this year. I was hoping to watch tennis live on the court but alas it wasn’t meant to be this year. It was great to see Johanna Konta win her quarter final match and to listen to her very inspirational interview. I just had to share my key takeaways from that interview.

Johanna Konta tennis

Words: Griselda Togobo. Image: Johanna Konta ITF by Dacoucou.

The game of tennis is a mental one.  It’s incredible how quickly things move in tennis. It’s never easy or predictable, so you need to create your own opportunities. Find out more about creating opportunities and moving from excuses to accountability HERE.

One moment you are almost a winner but that win can be snatched from you with the blink of an eye. There is so much riding on each game and you have to deal with the pressure and expectation from supporters, the media, coaches and even your country.

To succeed you need to be incredibly focused and able to do what is necessary in the crucial moments.

Here is how Johanna Konta – the first British women in 40years to make it to the semi-finals did it.

  1. Talk about your ambitions

Women are taught not to talk about their ambition. We are taught to be polite and nice. You cannot be vocal about what you want. Johanna was. She said she knew she would always be a champion. Sacrilege or is that confidence!

  1. Have a game plan

Have a vision of what you want to achieve and how to get there. It’s not an exact science but have a map and stick to it. If you don’t know where you are going then every road will lead there.

  1. Stick to it

Don’t follow every new fad or the next shining object. Keep your head down and focus on your long-term aspirations. Stick to it and work at it. 

  1. Keep believing

Keep believing, no matter what. The challenges will come and go but believe in your ability to succeed and be unwavering. Click here to tweet this inpiring quote.

  1. Dream big

And bigger still. Surround yourself with people who can stretch your thinking and challenge you to be your best self. No matter how big you think your dreams are – you can always find someone who will stretch you. 

  1. Create your own opportunities

“I felt very clear on what I was trying to achieve out there, regardless of whether it was going my way or not. I felt I really stuck to my true self and tried to create as many opportunities as I could.” If you want to find out how to cope with stress, sign up for the upcoming webinar – “3 R’s to Stress Free Success: Rejuvenate, Reassess, Reward”by Hayley Gillard. 

  1. Be consistent

Consistent in approach and my general being and I just trust that what I was doing was going to bring me good things.

Believe in yourself – there is a champion within each one of us. Click here to tweet.

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