Bring Your Holiday Back to Work

Why do we go on holiday? The answers may seem endless and obvious. 

We want to get away from the stresses and pressures of work – or of being your own boss. We crave the idea of soaking up some sun (although Summer 2018 in the UK has put in a good case for a ‘staycation’ with the weather we’ve been having). Perhaps we travel away from our homes to see some wondrous sights, to speak a language we love or to experience the authentic version of a cuisine we try and fail to replicate in our own kitchens.

Ultimately, a holiday is a short-term change. We travel to A with the knowledge we are returning to B, whether we like it or not.

What are the benefits of this change – revitalisation? Do we return with a renewed sense of purpose? Does taking time away from our usual routines make us happier?

With many of us returning from our holidays and possibly lamenting going back to work, a question springs to mind, how do we take the positivity we gain from a holiday and maintain it in our daily lives?

We at FL have imagined a day in the life of a holiday, to see exactly the kinds of joys a break can bring us, and how we can mirror the same sense of wellbeing at work.

Early Morning

Holiday – You start the day in tranquillity, perhaps with a long sleep in. An early morning walk in nature, a swim or a relax in front of the TV watching your favourite programme.

Work – Find a peaceful mind before you begin your day, by taking five minutes to relax and meditate. You can simply sit still and focus on your breath, or, if you prefer to be guided in your moment of mindfulness, apps such as Headspace and Calm can be great tools. Check out the Independent’s review of the top 10 Mindfulness apps in 2018.


Holiday – You may have the luxury of a hotel breakfast buffet to indulge in. You could head to the local bakery for fresh pastries or take up residence in a café for a morning espresso.

Work – Make breakfast a meal to look forward by planning ahead and get yourself energised for the day with recipes such as overnight oats, nut bars and flapjacks. Or you could indulge yourself and bake your own pastries.

Late Morning

Holiday – By this point, you might be immersing yourself in a good book, going on a trip to a fascinating cultural site or experiencing the delights of the hotel spa. Whatever you’re doing, you’re prioritising your happiness and relaxation.

Work – You’ve seen how many emails have flooded in since you last checked your inbox, you’re finalising the presentation you’ll be giving that afternoon and are about to go on a call to negotiate with a client. However staggering your workload, take two minutes to prioritise your ability to handle what the day has to throw at you, by taking a micro-break. The power of a cup of tea, doing some stretches at your desk (or out of sight of your colleagues in the loos) or simply walking to fill up your water bottle, cannot be underestimated.


Holiday – Is food more delicious whilst you’re away because of the novelty? Sampling new and unusual culinary delights is one of the joys of travelling, as well as trying out fresh and local ingredients of the region you’re visiting.

Work – Say goodbye to your standard soggy sandwich or your usual meal deal and challenge yourself to try at least one completely new lunch dish during your working week! You can get new recipes straight to your inbox by signing up to websites like BBC Good Food or MOB Kitchen.


Holiday – Perhaps you’re pottering around in the garden, enjoying a wine tasting session (and pretending you’re detecting each unique note) or having a dreamy nap by the pool. You’re doing something you enjoy.

Work – Enjoyment is essential to maintaining your motivation for the last push of the day, so why not put in some headphones and play a song you know will uplift and inspire you! If you work in a team, ask your colleagues for their go to mindset anthems and swap notes. If you’re a solo worker, create yourself a motivational playlist from your favourites and put it on shuffle.


Holiday – Wherever you’re eating, it’s likely that you’re not the one that’s doing the cooking. You can sit back, relax and savour the waiter service.

Work – The day is done and it’s time to refuel your body. Whilst you may not be able to eat out every week, take the stress out of deciding what to cook and try a recipe box! There are so many introductory offers out there, so experiment and see what delights you can concoct.


Holiday – Are you wandering the streets in search of a bar to enjoy a drink with the locals, going to see a show, finding the nearest dancefloor or having a sunset stroll on the sand?

Work – Are you taking advantage of the social and cultural happenings in your community? It can be easy to overlook the gems on your doorstep. Why not try a new class or club, see what’s on at the theatre and cinema or visit your local art gallery and museum?

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