Career Advice That Women Don’t Usually Receive

You will be tasked with different goals at different phases of your career. Initially, sales and business development is not something you would have to worry about but as your career develops, you’ll find yourselves increasingly tasked with developing new business opportunities. Your success will then depend on how effectively you are able to create opportunities and turn these opportunities into sales.

Words: Griselda Togobo; 

Being commercial, understanding numbers and having the ability to sell are must-have skills for those looking to progress within their careers or grow their businesses.

Selling, in particular, is a skill that is most valuable and also transferrable whether you work for yourself or work in a large corporation. There is an excellent video from Susan Colantuono on Ted Talks, “The career advice you probably didn’t get” that is a must watch for those looking to climb the corporate ladder.

So exactly how do you develop the skills to generate sales? Here are 3 simple tips to get you started.

1. It all starts with self-belief. 
You must believe that you are able to sell and that you have something that is of value to offer people. You have to believe in yourself and in the product or service, you are selling.
2. Develop the skills.
Selling doesn’t come naturally to everybody. So like any other skill you need to spend some time investing in acquiring the rights skills – the ability to find the right opportunities, to engage with the right decision makers and to qualify them for the opportunity. These are all skills that you can learn and get better at with practice. Most people are afraid of selling because they have not spent time to understand the process or invested in developing the skills.
3. Develop a repeatable process that works for you.
There is a unique recipe for success for each person. The way I sell might not work for you but you can take different approaches and tools from different people and develop a process that works best for you. The more repeatable the process is, the better it is going to be for you to stick to it and the more likely you’ll succeed at it. Make it as enjoyable as you can! 

In our webinar library, we have some prerecorded sessions on selling that will get you started – MORE HERE.

You must have the desire to get better at selling otherwise you’ll struggle at it. Selling is a learned skill and you can get better at it if you have the desire and the will.

What’s been holding you back from selling? 

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