Exactly How Does One Get More Confident?

67% of women say they need more support with their confidence to feel like they can be leaders, according to the KPMG Women’s Leadership survey 2016. 

You are either in that 67% or know someone that is. 

Today I wanted to talk about confidence and how it affects the results we get in our professional life. Every day we read the papers and hear stories of big companies going bust or having a big drop in share prices because the market has lost confidence in the business, or in its leadership. It’s no different for us.

In fact as women, our personal confidence affects how people perceive us and whether they are willing to do business with us in the first place and whether they are happy to pay you what you think you are worth.

Are you ready to take your leadership skills to the next level?


Forward Ladies in partnership with Jules Wyman are proud to now offer a 12 module audio programme for working women to enable them to work with courage and resilience, be confident in decision making and lead fearlessly at work.

The programme is based on the premise that women know what they need to do and already possess the power, but, for a variety of reasons, they are not accessing and actioning their inner resources.

The programme challenges women to authentically believe in their abilities; to eliminate the imposter syndrome (feeling like a fraud); reframe their thinking around leadership and to speak with clarity and confidence. In short – the Leading with Belief programme will help women to transform how they lead, connect and communicate in the workplace.



IN 2003 Jules left a ten-year career in Theatre after reaching burn out. She needed to make some significant changes and used various methodologies, including coaching, to make a 180 degree turned around, resulting in her qualifying as a Positive Impact Coach. Ignited by these events in 2005 Jules founded Positive Belief Limited. The new found genuine confidence, resilience and self-compassion she had discovered, needed to be shared with individuals and organisations. The dream, now, is to make the role of confidence coach redundant by providing others with the truths about this impactful ‘soft skill’. Jules is inspired by the possibility that we can live in a world where people have true faith in themselves, feel comfortable in their own skin and can be authentic in all aspects of life!


“Right from the start, this course provided me with information which allowed me to build my confidence and increase my self-awareness. I have become aware that when I start to feel overwhelm or drama I need to step back and look at what is causing it and what words or thoughts have supported/created the overwhelm or lack of confidence.” Lyn Man, Life Coach 

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