Connecting Women Worldwide: Say Hello To The New FL

As FL moves into a new exciting digital era, we have a few major changes lined up for you this year!

As we’re going global, we’re taking FL online and want to invite you to join us on this journey as we really want you to embrace the change with us. Find new contacts, expand your professional network worldwide, find mentors and mentees, create your own interest circles and develop your skills further with our exclusive resource library – all in one place.


Have you ever thought about the opportunities that having a global network could bring you? Now it’s possible because we have a brand-new website with some great features to enable you to connect with our members all around the globe.


Circles are small groups of women who may meet in person or interact online to learn new skills, network, and encourage each other. Circles can be groups of friends, co-workers, people who share an industry, an interest or are simply looking for like-minded women to connect with.

Create your own tribe, its easy to set up, invite and run your own private or public group and get the conversation started.


Join hundreds of professional women mentoring, being mentored and advancing their career by creating meaningful connections. Our new website is designed to make mentoring easily accessible, much more effective and greatly engaging.


Enjoy the privilege of accessing our exclusive Online Training & Resource library to develop your skills further. Learn from industry experts, listen to most inspiring speeches from top business leaders and advance your professional skills.

So, without further ado, we will let you dive into the new world of FL – the world where women thrive!

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