For Career Builders: Choosing Tinsel And Turkey Over Targets?

The Christmas campaign seemed to be off with greater vengeance than usual this year, perhaps the tinsel and baubles are a delightful detraction from what is an otherwise seemingly cold and grey landscape. Amongst the glitter and glamour there is a double edged sword for active job seekers; as things quieten down into a lull. It is often the time a whole new raft of redundancies can be expected as companies clear the decks before the New Year, albeit it the worst time for those concerned to face the emotional roller coaster that often comes with redundancy. As we hear that the unemployment figures continue to fall it’s time to take a quick look back before a great leap forward.

Did you start January 2014 with the resolution that this was going to be your year for change? This was finally going to be the time you embrace your future and get out of the rut? Most people break their New Year’s resolution by January 24th, now dubbed fail Friday; or has it been since then, that you have created a raft of excuses, as to why it wasn’t quite the right time; listening to the turmoil from the media and deciding to stay put for just a little longer? Contrary to popular belief 2014 has seen the job market wake from hibernation; there is an increasing amount of optimism and positivity.

The shackles are officially off

During the turmoil of the recession there has been a sense of people digging in, keeping their heads down and working hard. A number of Gatewood Consulting clients have talked about the inherent fear of “losing their job”; this has loomed like a spectre. One client explained the morning motivational meeting has consisted of “You should all think yourselves lucky to have a job, many out there would be grateful.” Now the mist has cleared, I wonder if employers have simply stored up trouble for the future. Perhaps these employees been treading water and waiting for things to get better? If this is the case then chances are many employers who may find themselves in the middle of a mass exodus. If an employee did not feel valued when they were working their hardest and pitching in as the team grew smaller and smaller; chances are they are more determined than ever to make changes now.

Festive formula

If you have spent longer planning the family festivities, turkey timings and delightful décor rather than formulating your plan to banish those Monday blues; now is the time to take action; it’s not too late to make the most of the Christmas period. The festive period is the perfect time to network in a more natural way as we are usually much more social at this time of year, attending more events, parties and gatherings. Take a few moments to talk to all of your contacts in a relaxing environment, about what you are looking for and who they might know that could help. Expand your Christmas card list- there may be a few people you have let fall off the radar. One last thing to do before you settle down to the sherry and mince pies is to book on to the “Capture your dream job in 4 simple steps workshop “ where you will be under my professional guidance to put together a clear target to ensure 2015 is your year!


About the author – Louise Lapish has over 13 years experience in the Career Coaching Arena having worked with some of the UK’s leading Career management Companies; created CV solutions for some of the leading job boards and helped hundreds of individuals achieve their career goals. Her international client list covers multiple market sectors and she is regularly been found blogging for The Yorkshire Post Online, The Institute of Directors and is looking forward to the publication of her book in 2015.