For Founders, Managers and Owners, This One’s For You…

When I was building my business I learned at the coal face. I had an ambition to do things differently, and dare I say it better than the established firms! I wanted to differentiate what we could offer and provide something new, innovative and valuable to clients. In some ways this was the easy bit. Offering solutions for clients and really delivering was in my comfort zone, it was what a lot of my career had been about.

What was more of a challenge was building the architecture and mechanics of the business around this to give us the platform to be able to really scale and deliver sustainable growth. When you haven’t done this before it can seem daunting, even impossible at times. My approach was a sheer determination not to fail, a constant questioning of what we were doing and yes an awful lot of trial and error!

I didn’t have the luxury of time to go and search out inspiration and ideas from lots of other people with more experience and track record than me, or even time to read the multitude of ‘How to grow a business’ books. Every waking hour was spent on the business, and with hindsight, spent more ‘in’ the business on operational matters, winning work, finding new employees and troubleshooting than actually working ‘on’ its’ future and growth.

If there was a way I could have short cut some of the mistakes and had the opportunity to benefit from the experience of others all in one place I’d have jumped at the chance. That’s why we’ve developed the Growth Academy. I’ve distilled onto 4 days a lot of the key learning and experience it took me years to gain. I will share what enabled me to build my own business into a £multi-million market leader and what I’ve picked up from other successful entrepreneurs on the way. If you want to know how to get your growth strategy right, what you need to put in place to deliver it, how to maximise your leadership potential, how to get the most from your teams, and perhaps most importantly how to believe in yourself to achieve it, then you can’t afford to miss it!

I look forward to seeing you there! Book your place HERE