How A Mother Built A Brand With Home Remedies

”If anyone tells you you can’t do it, you can. If you can dream it, you can do it” Joanna Jensen.

Joanna started Childs Farm in 2010 after her children were diagnosed with sensitive skin. She was determined to find natural remedies to help them, so she began making her products at home. When Joanna realized how well the products worked, she decided to start a business. Her early days were tough as she worked long hours, had no entrepreneurial background, faced rejection from big retailers who were reluctant to stock her products and often had to sell her products at a loss.

From formulating remedies at home to navigating the challenging landscape of retailers, Joanna’s path was difficult, yet her belief in her products and her tireless commitment paid off in 2014 when Charles Farm secured a groundbreaking listing with Boots, one of the UK’s largest retailers. That was a significant turning point for the company, helping Joanna to achieve the dream of making natural baby and child products available to everyone.

If you’re still considering whether to join this year’s Awards, be assured that we curate a lineup of great speakers whose stories offer valuable lessons for attendees. Here are excerpts from Joanna Jensen’s powerful keynote speech that invoked goosebumps and applause at the FL Awards 2022.

Share Your Stories

In her heartfelt speech to the audience, she revealed with utmost honesty that she was dealing with personal challenges, including a terrible divorce, a life-threatening tumour and financial instability during her early days. Through them all, she found solace in her belief in the potential of her products. During these moments, the early feedback from friends loved ones and parents whose children benefited from her products validated the efficacy of her products in addressing various skin issues. Each nod of approval fuelled consistent commitment to the Child’s Farm dream.

A typical day was; personally delivering products to consumer shows and negotiating partnerships with retail giants like Waitrose and Boots. She further recounted a pivotal moment when a crucial investor withdrew support a few days before an essential signing. Instead of giving in to the setback, Joanna forged alternative paths, securing her business’s future and demonstrating an unyielding commitment to her mission. ”At this stage, I had two more weeks left in my home. I’d had to rent the house early because I couldn’t afford removal. So I borrowed a friend’s horsebox, and every evening, I moved furniture from the old house to my new hide. And I was in the middle of what ended up being quite a brutal divorce.”

In all, she didn’t shy away from sharing her struggles with people along the way. In the end, her openness paid off.

The Turning Point

”Well, one of the people that tried the products was the head planogram person at Waitrose. And originally, they were taking three skews, which is three products. And this woman returned to Andrea and said this stuff is absolutely brilliant. You need to take six. I’ll find the space, and she made space. I didn’t know how she did it. So we could launch in Waitrose with these six products.”

Not long after, two past user Facebook posts showcased her products’ effects on individuals with eczema-prone skin (before & after stories) went viral and subsequently surged demand for her products. This resulted in sudden supply chain challenges; however, Joanna empowered her team to navigate these hurdles, underscoring her brand’s commitment to its promise to customers.

Fast forward to the year 2022, Joanna’s story took a remarkable turn as she joined forces with PZ Cussons, a major household brand that believed in the same sustainable values as Childs Farm. This collaboration sealed a 90% share of her ownership to PZ Cussons. This move also ushered Joanna into an Ambassadorial role, campaigning for not only the new family of Child’s farm but also inspiring women out there to stay strong and believe in themselves. “You can do it too, no matter what!”

The Importance Of Focus And Resilience

In concluding her keynote speech, Joanna emphasized the power of resilience, passion, and an unyielding belief in one’s capabilities. She encouraged the audience to embrace challenges and obstacles and to view them as a path to inner-strength discovery and stepping stones toward success. She reiterated that the only limit we women have is the one we impose on ourselves.

Joanna’s story reminds us that we all have the power to overcome challenges and achieve our dreams. If we believe in ourselves, embrace challenges, and never give up, anything is possible.

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Listen to Joanna’s keynote speech at the FL Awards, 2022, here.

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