Member Spotlight: Meet Beckie Taylor, A Tech Trailblazer

Our members are making incredible strides, and sharing their stories is always exciting. 

Meet Beckie Taylor, serial entrepreneur, a tech trailblazer, and Tech Returners Co-Founder. Beckie is also the founder of The Confidence Community and ReframeWIT whilst being a mum to Ethan and Emmie.

Beckie has recently been nominated as one of the most influential women in UK Tech. 

Beckie’s career spans over 20 years as an executive coach with HR and people development experience. She focuses on talent management, team effectiveness, continuous performance development, building a diverse workforce and flexible working. She has acted as a global HR leader, spearheading business growth for international tech companies. 

Beckie is passionate about empowering careers in technology and making personal development accessible to all. Since 2017, she has been CEO (and Co-Founder) of Tech Returners, supporting individuals back into tech careers, and delivering programmes such as The Confidence Collective, empowering individuals to transform their confidence and careers. And since 2019, she has been the founder and the vision behind Reframe Women in Tech.

Here is a recap of our catch-up with Beckie on her journey as a leader in tech as well as upcoming projects:

1- What are you currently excited about?

Last year was great – Reframe WIT welcomed a record 750 delegates across two days, whilst Tech Returners hit a milestone of more than 200 programme participants and became part of The Northcoders Group plc. The acquisition has resulted in an exciting partnership that creates a more significant impact, opportunities, and possibilities in tech. 

2- What led you to pursue a career in supporting individuals returning to the tech industry?

Having returned to my career following the birth of my son Ethan, I experienced first-hand the barriers facing women in tech, from the networking events in the evening, which I could no longer attend, to the sheer pace of change in the tech industry. These challenges prompted me to set up Women in Tech North – a community to connect like-minded peers. But I didn’t want to stop there; I was inspired to co-found Tech Returners – an organization that provides free opportunities for individuals to return to technology careers after a break by offering upskilling courses in current technology and career and mindset.

3- How are you supporting individuals to thrive in the tech sector? 

At Tech Returners, we’re committed to empowering individuals with the confidence and support they need to reshape their futures. We take a strategic and organic approach to address the pressing issue of skills shortage. By collaborating and partnering with businesses, we identify their unique hiring and talent challenges and tailor our programmes to meet those needs precisely.

At the heart of our purpose, there’s a deep understanding of the individuals we support. Through every programme we deliver, we learn from each Returner – their reasons for returning to tech, their unique, diverse backgrounds, and their goals. This helps us effectively reach more people like them, creating new opportunities and empowering skilled individuals from all walks of life to thrive once again in the tech world.

4- Can you share some success stories of individuals who went through the Tech Returners program and successfully returned to the tech sector?

Since our inception, more than 200 people have participated in our programmes, with over half identifying as women. 92% have reported an uplift in confidence, and in 2022 alone, we have seen salaries generated by the programme totalling £2.5 million. Beyond these statistics, being a part of the journey, people go on is easily the best part of what we do. We get to see confidence bloom and witness the success and positive impact it creates – from the Mother returning to her career filled with self-belief to the person who sought safety and asylum in a new country and wanted to code again – that is truly important to me.

5- What notable partnerships or collaborations have Tech Returners established to enhance the opportunities available to individuals returning to the tech industry?

We have worked with amazing and progressive businesses like The Guardian,,, On The Beach, BAE Systems Digital Intelligence, Infinity Works, AutoTrader, Hastings Direct and many more to support them in hiring diverse, experienced tech talent through life-changing opportunities. 

Our returners are truly skilled individuals who took a career break and are passionate about returning to tech. With the support of our expert team and the businesses we partner with, we can provide a free award-winning programme that enables them to do just that. Our partner businesses commit to and fulfil their talent and diversity goals. Still, beyond this, they are creating a real impact in the tech industry for individuals who otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity.

6- Can you share any personal insights or lessons you have learned from your experience as a CEO and leader in the tech sector?

  1. Continuously work on your personal development.

  2. Develop a network and continue to nurture and grow it – you never know where a connection may lead.

  3. Join community and peer groups – you’ll learn so much from others; they are invaluable at every stage of your career.

  4. Don’t be scared of big ideas, but remember, you can’t always do it all yourself. Ask for help – people are much more willing than you might think.

  5. Build a team around you where people possess the skills that you don’t.

  6. Work on trust; as a founder, it’s tough, but surrounding yourself with people with the same values makes it easier.

  7. You don’t have to be the CEO to be successful. Understand your version of success and own it.

  8. You CAN have it all – but the balance will NEVER be equal, and that’s ok.

7- What advice would you give to individuals considering returning to the tech industry or aspiring to become leaders in the field?

As cliché as it sounds, I would say go for it! The support is out there in so many different ways. For example, our programme is 100% free and is available to anyone who has worked as a software engineer and is looking to get back into tech. Beyond our programme, community groups and peer networks are bursting with supportive people ready to help you feel part of the tech community again, which is SO important.

We provide the tools and resources to make that return to tech a reality, and we are very fortunate to be surrounded by a community and ecosystem that makes being ‘in tech’ a supportive, collaborative and uplifting place. If you are considering a return to tech, our team are happy to talk to you about the application process, what you can expect and anything holding you back – let us help you take that first step. 

8- What initiatives or projects are you currently leading, and how do they align with your leadership vision and values?

I am incredibly fortunate to have a hugely talented team at Tech Returners. They deliver our programmes and provide the support our returners need to take those vital steps to reignite their careers. This means I can focus on creating new opportunities through other projects such as Reframe Women in Tech – the non-profit conference founded in 2019, which was born from my burning question, “Why shouldn’t personal development be accessible for all?”. After asking this, I committed to creating an accessible conference with low ticket prices, free childcare and a focus on first-time speakers. All of these aspects help reframe the narrative around women in tech from a negative to a positive, which came to life for the first time in 2019 with the support of event and marketing expertise. 

Reframe Women in Tech is now an annual event in Manchester and the largest in the North West. However, we know there are many more people for whom personal development is inaccessible; with that in mind, in September 2023, our event will come to London for the first time. We’re also planning for future UK locations in 2024 and beyond. While the location may have changed, the mission remains the same: Make personal development available to all and reframe the narrative around women in tech. 

9- Could you elaborate on the workshop hosted at the Reframe WIT conference in collaboration with Sage?

At Reframe Women In Tech Conference Manchester 2023, we wanted to do something with #impact #actionnotwords.Therefore, with the support of Sage, we hosted a workshop at the conference and asked over 250 women in the room #womenintech about the obstacles, the vulnerabilities, the perseverance and the recommended steps towards a more inclusive future for the tech industry.

Want to read the output? Then download your copy of ‘Breaking Barriers: Women in Tech Speak Out’ here.

Beckie Taylor shines as a visionary leader in today’s dynamic tech landscape, reshaping narratives and fostering diversity. She’s rewriting the script for tech returnees. She challenges us all to consider how our actions drive change. 

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