How To Increase Your Self Awareness & Personal Impact

In my work designing and delivering leadership development programmes, I hear many transformational stories of how increased self-awareness gives women the confidence to push past limiting beliefs to go after goals they had previously imagined attainable. 

“The programme has helped in so many ways, especially about my worth and my direction.” – Leadership Program Alumni

We can increase our self-awareness through regular reflection, yet we find it difficult to pause and reflect because life is a roller coaster. Alongside our victories and successes, we face heartache, disappointments and failures. People hurt us and let us down, and we, in turn, do the same to others. The discomfort of examining and dealing with what is going on in our lives is difficult emotional work that is easy to avoid. So, we miss the opportunity to slow down, learn from past actions, and celebrate our progress, no matter how small.

Understanding The Paretos Law

The Pareto Principle states that eighty per cent of consequences come from twenty per cent of the causes. The principle illustrates that creating impactful results requires less time spent on the “doing” of busy work and more time identifying the vital few that will result in the transformations we seek.

In the same vein, we need to shift our focus from the twenty per cent of our jobs, business, and lives that are not perfect and focus on the eighty per cent that is going well. This shift in focus will help us move forward without dwelling too much on the past. This is particularly important for our happiness and mental well-being. We need to learn to be happy with who we are and where we are in our lives and careers, even as we strive for change.

Now to reflect

As we come to the end of another month, let’s take stock and reflect on our decisions and actions in the last 31 days. Let’s reflect on how these decisions and actions have impacted our lives and how we can keep improving them to make our lives better.

Download your complimentary Goal Achiever Planner (GAP) monthly review pages to start your self-reflection and monthly review.

Use the template to:  

1.      Celebrate your top three achievements from last month 

2.      Reflect on how you achieved them 

3.      Get clear on your motivations

4.      Uncover any lessons learnt 

5.      Discover the habits that sabotage your success


The habit tracker section of the monthly pages will help you 

1.      To document your progress 

2.      Set rewards to reinforce your desired behaviours

3.      Review your self-sabotaging behaviours

4.      Put support and accountability in place to succeed

5.      Assess what went well and not so well

6.      Uncover lessons learned

7.      Gain clarity on your motivations

8.      Review next month’s goals 

You can also grab a copy of your very own NON-DATED GAP planner and put a system in place for achieving, reflecting on and learning from next month’s goals. 

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Happy reflecting. 



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