How To Own Your Power Like The Queen Of England

We are celebrating the Queen of England’s 70 years of reign. 

However you feel about the monarchy, we think this is an excellent time to remind ourselves of the power we all have as women. Here are 7 ways you can elevate your power in your workplace:

Speak if you have a seat at the table:

Your voice matters, and your message matters. Stand up and be heard. There will never be a perfect time to say what you want to say. Just say it. Stop holding yourself back. Your voice is worthy of being heard. Studies show that it is difficult for women leaders to speak up in meetings. The virtual world has not been the equaliser that we felt it would be, as many of us still struggle to get a word in at meetings. You can check out  Episode 15 of our In Conversation With Griselda Togobo and Mary Ann Sieghart on How To Narrow The Authority Gap and Gain Confidence In Yourself. 

Stop apologising:

There are many things we apologise for that don’t need an apology. If you are late, acknowledge it. If you are wrong, admit it, but don’t apologise for being ambitious. The Queen doesn’t apologise for wanting to keep her family on the throne. 

Set boundaries.

Be clear on what you can or can’t do. Set and hold clear boundaries. You shouldn’t feel guilty for having personal boundaries. It is not selfish. Instead, it is a sign of self-care. The Queen of England is the Queen of boundaries. Deepen your self-awareness to know whenwhere and how to set boundaries and feel more in control of your life and career. 

You are the right age.

The Queen was 25 years old when her father died, and she became Queen regnant of seven independent Commonwealth countries: the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Pakistan, and Ceylon, as well as Head of the Commonwealth. 

Celebrate yourself 

The whole country is on a break to celebrate the Queen. Surely you can celebrate yourself and your wins more. The promotion, the award win, the lovely references and feedback need to be shared. Share your accomplishments and be your advocate. That is the only way your will land your next opportunity. Now is the best time to give yourself the recognition you need by applying for this year’s FL Awards.

Selective hearing 

You don’t have to take every negative feedback in. The world is full of bias, targeted unfairly toward women. Take that negative feedback with a pinch of salt. Seek input from a diverse group and know yourself! 

Own your label 

“You are too loud”, “too much”. “Tone it down”. “You are too aggressive, too kind, and too softly spoken”. “You care too much. You are always bragging!” .Women are more likely to be labelled negatively in the workplace than their male colleagues. It can be a tightrope to walk. Well, let me tell you this today – you are never too anything. Anyone who thinks you are too much for them is clearly not suitable for you. 

When we all model these behaviours in the workplace, other women will permit themselves to do the same.

What else would you add to this list? 

Have you given up your power in the past by doing any of these things? Comment below and share your experiences. 


This week is all about commemorating a woman in leadership, The Queen of England. This entire event shows how women need to be celebrated for their tremendous impact on industries, organizations and the world at large.

You are also a “Queen” in whatever field you’re in, apply and nominate any “Queen” you’re inspired by today for the FL Awards.