EP. 12 In Conversation With Charlotte Carroll – Award-Winning Film-Maker & Actress


Griselda Togobo from Novi will sit down with Charlotte Carroll – Award-Winning Film-Maker & Actress for a thought-provoking discussion.

You will learn:

  1. How Charlotte elevated her career in the creative industry and became a multi-award winning creative leader.

2.The key attributes of effective creative leadership

3. How to overcome challenging times in your career.


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About Charlotte Carroll:

Charlotte Carroll is an English actress, producer, screenwriter and director. Best known for her work in the films, Red Crayon (2017) and A Youth (2020) and as notably, her theatrical portrayal of the Princess in We Must Throw The Cows Down The Ravine (2020).

Charlotte made her directorial debut with Red Crayon (2017), a powerful short film depicting the effects of war on young children. Since its world premiere, Red Crayon has won 11 awards on the international film festival circuit, including ‘Best Original Screenplay’, ‘Best Foreign Film and ‘One to Watch’. In addition, the film was chosen to be featured in the United Nation’s global showcase at the Cannes Film Festival and appeared on ITV’s News segment about Female Film Makers. In 2017, Charlotte was the first female director to open the shorts segment at the El-Gouna Film Festival.

Subsequently, Charlotte went on to produce A Youth (2020) alongside BAFTA-winning Afolabi Kuti. Having competed at top tier film festivals including HotDocs 2020 and The Huesca International Film Festival, A Youth won the ‘Best Documentary’ award at Aspen ShortFest 2020 and Woodstock Film Festival 2020. ‘A Youth’ is currently in the running for the BAFTAs 2021 and Oscars 2021.

Further to her film-making duties, Charlotte began her screen career in the film Burnt (2015) alongside Bradley Cooper and Sienna Miller. In 2019, Charlotte also received critical acclaim for her lead role in ‘We Must Throw The Cows Down The Ravine’, garnering a four-star review on The Evening Standard for her poignant theatrical performance. Charlotte was set to perform the lead role in Mehmet Bozkurt’s A Room For Rent at this year’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe which has now been postponed.

Passionately involved in humanitarian and philanthropic initiatives, Charlotte works closely with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and sits on the Next Gen Board of the Humans Right Watch and UNICEF Committee. She is also a proud ambassador for the Elephant Family.

Recently, Charlotte released a short film she wrote, produced and stars in, titled, The Topic which was featured on The Evening Standard, Glamour and Wonderland. The film captures a raw and unfiltered account of the emotional turmoil caused by an ectopic pregnancy, a miscarriage and endometriosis.

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