EP. 7 In Conversation With Shaa Wasmund MBE, Multi-Million-Pound Business Founder

Griselda Togobo from Novi will sit down with a best selling author Shaa Wasmund to discuss her business journey and her experience.

You will learn:

1. Identify common traits of great leaders.

2. Discuss the importance of knowing yourself and your employees.

3. Discuss the importance of diverse and inclusive teams.

4. Strategies to thrive in 2021.



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About Shaa Wasmund, MBE:

Shaa Wasmund, MBE, is the author of the number one bestsellers How To Fix Your SH*T, Do Less, Get More and Stop Talking, Start Doing. She has been a lifelong supporter of encouraging more women into business.

In 2015 Shaa received an MBE for her services to business and entrepreneurship.

She was recently named one of the Top 20 Most Influential Entrepreneurs in the UK by the Sunday Times.

Today she runs one of the biggest and most active business Facebook Groups in the UK, The Freedom Collective, and has built a multi-million-pound online business from her back garden.

Over the last five years Shaa has completely revolutionized how she works, and today she is proudly able to take seventeen weeks’ holiday a year. Shaa inspires positive action with her no-nonsense, no-excuse advice and has made it her mission to help as many women as possible to create a life and business on their terms.

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