Stress Awareness Month 2021: 10 Must-Read FL Articles To Eliminate Stress

Did you know that April is Stress Awareness Month? 

A little stress is normal when managed correctly. But for the times when it gets out of control, here’s your reminder to schedule in some “me-time” this month.

If you’re wanting a pick me up this week, here are 10 must-read articles to eliminate stress in 2021!

1. Top 20 Coaches And Therapists Recommended By Our Members

Are you thinking about hiring a qualified coach or therapist?

Someone who understands women and our issues? 

We’ve pulled together a list of Coaches and Therapists recommended by our members. 

Whether you are looking for coaching or therapy to help you with work, stress, behavioural challenges, and improving your relationships, money, business, or parenting, we hope you can find your ideal coach here.

Read the full post here


2. Best Meditation Apps To Help You Keep Calm During A Crisis

Meditation is extremely powerful for calming the mind and reducing anxiety. However, many people are missing out on this powerful practise because they are worried they don’t have enough time.

Did you know.. Just 5-minutes of meditation per day for 10 days will boost positive feelings by 14%?

That is proof that you do not need a lot of time to make long-lasting change.

So, here is a round-up of some of the best meditation apps, that have been effective at helping people transition from non-meditator to meditating often.

Read the full post here

3. How To Meditate Even If You Hate It And Have Tried Unsuccessfully

Did you scroll past the previous blog post still not convinced meditation is for you?

Or maybe you’re unsure of how to get started. Don’t stress – we have you covered!

Meditation can be achieved in four simple steps whilst walking, eating, laying in bed, or sitting down. The aim is not perfection, but to ensure that you are focused on your breathing.

If you have 10-minutes spare today, challenge yourself to try meditating.

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4. 5 Simple Ways to Unplug Stress

Life is already hectic enough. If you are already struggling to find hours in your day, then you will appreciate this simple yet practical guide for reducing stress.

Each of the practical steps on this post can be achieved in less that 5 minutes!

Read the full post here

5. A Scientifically Proven Way To Improve Your Performance & Well-Being

If there was a scientifically proven, free way to improve your performance and sense of well-being, wouldn’t you do it?

Check out this post to learn all about the power of mindfulness

6. How to Deal with Stress in the Digital Age

How do you start your day? Waking naturally followed by yoga and meditation, or do you jump awake to the electronic beeping of your smartphone and immediately go into stress mode as you start checking your e-mails before you’ve even opened both eyes? 

For many of us, the sad truth is we wake up to our inbox before taking a moment to be thankful for our lives. This may seem like a small bad habit, but compounded over time can be detrimental to your mental health.

Read this post to learn how you can better manage stress in the digital age

7. 5 Ways Successful Women Manage Stress

With the rise of successful women leaders, there is a lot of pressure on women to maintain high performance standards. This high-pressured environment often leads to stress.

What differentiates successful people from unsuccessful ones is not the amount of pressure they are under but how they deal with this stress.

Here are 5 top stress-busting tips to help you achieve guilt-free business success

8. Reflect, Retreat And Recharge Your Batteries

Running your own business, managing a team or leading an organisation is one of the toughest jobs in the world, and even with a strong team around you to share the load, you can drift into moments of despair.

Reflect, Retreat and Recharge techniques can help you to put a spring back into your step.

Read the full post here

9. Why Sleep Is Essential To Performance And Wellbeing

Let’s get straight to it. There’s good scientific data (and enough tired faces on Zoom – and on the daily commute pre-Covid) to confirm that many of us don’t get enough sleep. More to the point we don’t get quality sleep.

Read this post to learn why sleep is essential for wellbeing and performance

10. A Buddhist Monk’s Strategy For Dealing With Toxic People And Toxicity In The Work Place

We have all worked in environments where we have felt our wellbeing has suffered either through the actions of a colleague, a boss or the general culture of the workplace. Toxic people create toxic work environments where drama, passive-aggressive behaviour, bullying, gossiping, hostility and negativity abounds.

Working in a toxic environment is difficult and stressful and nobody is immune to its effects from the Chief Executive Officer to the receptionist.

Read this full post learn how to deal with toxicity in the workplace

BONUS – Quarantine Well-Being Sessions

As of April 2021, the lockdown restrictions are lifting for many of us worldwide. However, the wisdom shared in our Quarantine Well-being sessions can be applied for a life-time.

Be sure to check the replays to these sessions here

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