Janey Lee Grace our Inspirational Speaker Talks to us About Being ‘The Best You’

Janey Lee Grace

  1. Tell us about yourself

Where do I start? I’m a mum of four kids, passionate about holistic health and well-being and I love inspiring people to find their passion and purpose and ‘shine their light’ brightly, having worked in the media for 25 years I have seen a lot of people attract great opportunities for themselves and then fail to maximise them, I don’t just mean in their business or work but in everyday situations, for example, we all – whether we have a company or not – are a ‘personal brand’ how we present ourselves is key, whether that’s in order to make a sales pitch, present to a networking group or be interviewed by the head of the school you’d like your child to go to! The fear of public speaking is massive, and yet I believe the keys to confidence lie in having real clarity on what I call your ‘YOU-nique’ brilliance.

  1. What have been your biggest challenges whilst building your career?

I started as a singer / performer so had no business skills or training whatsoever, when my first book Imperfectly Natural Woman went to number one on Amazon best sellers list overnight (after a radio interview) I suddenly had followers, a forum (it was just before Facebook really hit) and a potential thriving business, I had to learn fast!! I have had to become good at juggling, I do so many things, it’s impossible not to drop some balls but thankfully my website name is ‘imperfectly natural’.

  1. What are your top 3 career highlights?

Career highlights include being a backing singer with Wham on all their tours including China, we were the first western band to play there before the changes, seems incredible! Getting a publishing deal with Hay House was amazing, they are hugely supportive. Still being on the big show (Steve Wright in the afternoon) on BBC Radio 2 after…16 years – still a highlight.

  1. So, personal branding…what’s it all about?

How you present yourself, what energy do you exude? What does the way you dress, the way you stand say about you and is it coherent? Is it clear what you ‘stand for’? Do you know exactly what you want? Most of us don’t…we just ‘pobble’ along (not a technical term) but having clarity on who we are, what we really want, can help us reach our goals in business and in our personal lives.

  1. And isn’t it just for business owners. Is personal branding relevant to female leaders working within large corporate organisations?

I believe you are a brand whatever you do, working or not. See above.

  1. What’s the one piece of wisdom you wished you’d had when starting out in your career?

It’s become my mantra, when I work with clients….’You don’t have to get it right…you DO have to get it going’…in other words just start, too much time is spent procrastinating with the inner voice saying…I know people tell me I should write a book, but I don’t have time…I’m not good enough etc. etc., and yet you could write a short e-book, just do it!

  1. How do you “get in your own way” and how do you overcome that?

I’m not good at saying no, (I’m getting better) and if I’m not careful I get close to burn-out, I’m beyond busy telling everyone else how to look after themselves, the importance of recharging their batteries etc..while I fall apart, this year I have scheduled in to see the sea at least once a month, it’s a big deal for me, energises me, so even if I can’t fit in a weekend or holiday I get the train – 2 hours – have a bracing walk by the sea…and come back!