#winnerstalk: We Share your Best Bits from our Weekly twitter Chats


Here are a few tips from our weekly #winnerstalk on twitter (12noon Wednesday’s) @forwardladies, we thought we would share with you, some good advice.

What’s your best cost effective tip for marketing your business? #SME

  1. Doing a great job – let your customers market your#biz by referring you to their contacts – 360 Accountants (@360accountants)
  2. #bizneed to identify the best #marketing strategies at each stage of the growth cycle http://bit.ly/1RwRa5c  – Rachel Kelly (@Rachelkelly_PwC)
  3. Establishing yourself as an expert helps. See my book for 7 steps (http://ow.ly/s4wZ3008dku) – Griselda K Togobo (@GKTogobo)
  4. Every day before you get started with the day to day work, create before you consume e.g. a great social media post or blog – Victoria Branch (@vbranch)
  5. Networking informally with our target market has really paid off. The power of word of mouth! – Mini first Aid (@KateBallMFA)

We’ve launched our #PayItForward mentoring programme. How has your mentor helped you?

  1. Mentors are critical to personal and career growth – Cool (@CoolCreativeInc)
  2. My mentors have become sponsors. A sponsor not only advises you… they connect you to business opportunities – Cool (@CoolCreativeInc)

If you’ve networked, what bit of advice would you pass on to a novice?

  1. Be interested be interesting – Karen Paginton (@PagintonK)
  2. Always be#authentic … Most people are smarter than we think #respect – Jacqui Miller MBE (@jmcmbe)

 Ever been interviewed on TV/radio? What advice would you give to those who haven’t?

  1. On TV/radio, smile, take your time and prepare 3 key points. If recorded, ask to re-record if you stumble. – Helen Reynolds (@InkGardener)

What do you think is the biggest issue for women in the workplace?

  1. Getting quality training that empowers your team. We think this is a MUST-HAVE, not a would-be-nice – The Simplifiers (@TheSimplifiers)

What is the most important lesson you’ve learnt in your career to date?

  1. To help others play to their#strengths and to draw on my #strenghs for success – Mary Holmes (@MaryHolmes4)
  2. Such a good but tough Q! I think it’s that: There is always another way, even if you can’t see it right now. – Naomi Jane FRSA (@naomi_jane)
  3. How to be humble #gracious – Jenifer Arcuri (@Jennifer_Arcuri)